Drew Cohen ’20

All of us at Williams are so thankful for your support of our education and engagement in our community through your donations: we couldn’t do it without you!

My name is Drew Cohen, Class of 2020, and I am, though undeclared as of right now, a prospective chemistry major, hoping one day to go to medical school. Newton, Massachusetts, is my hometown, but like many of the undergraduates here, Williamstown has become my second home. On campus, I’m able to express myself artistically as a member of the Williams Octet, one of our many a cappella groups. I’m also able to engage in social issues as a member of the board of MASC (Masculinity, Accountability, Sexual violence and Consent), a club dedicated to discussing the increasingly relevant topics of consent and toxic masculinity. And, of course, I spend plenty of time in Schow and Science Quad as a STEM major.

But what has made Williams worthwhile in the end is the connections that I’ve been able to make with my professors and the melting pot of past entrymates, classmates, and members of my extracurricular groups that I’ve been able to call my friends. Your contributions to the Alumni Fund allow us to be the best that we can be, whether through providing on-campus resources or simply by bringing us together and expanding our perspectives through support of on-campus diversity.

Here at Williams, I’ve met a collection of individuals unlike any other, and have found people I can trust with my issues or even just jam out with in our common room. I’m beyond excited to see how the rest of my time here will play out, for better or for worse. But, just know that your support will be instrumental to the success of students like me and will allow us to become the people we know we can be. So on behalf of the students of Williams College, thank you so much!


Drew Cohen ’20


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