Cameron Helm '18

Greetings from Williamstown! My name is Cameron Helm. I am a member of the awesome Class of 2018, and I want to extend my thanks for your generous contribution to the Alumni Fund. Your generosity is far-reaching and much appreciated, as it will not only help those like you and me who love Williams to continue to reap the benefits of this wonderful institution, but it will also afford those who come after us the opportunity to experience the richness of the wonderful place that we have called home for four or more years of our lives.

I grew up in Annapolis, Maryland, and had no idea what Williams was until my junior year of high school. Annapolis is the state capital, home to the Naval Academy, and one of the best places to get a crab cake in the world (just in case you were curious). With that being said, although I love Maryland and knew nothing about Williams before my junior year of high school, Williams has become a second home to me.

At the beginning of high school I thought it was my dream to become a Division I football player. As I progressed through high school, I realized that the dream of Division I football was not my own, but was more so a manifestation of the pressure that I put on myself to be great in all facets of life.

However, when I had my overnight visit to the Purple Valley my senior fall, I came with an open mind, andI fell in love with the place. So, without consulting with my parents first, I told the football coach that I was coming to Williams. My parents flipped out because they found out that I was going to Williams from the coach before I said anything to them about it, but in the end they were happy that I was mature enough to choose a place that was the best fit for me.

Fast forward a few years, and I have torn a ligament in one ankle, have dislocated and fractured the other ankle, and have had a few other injuries. Despite all of the injuries, I would not trade in the time that I spent with my former teammates at Williams for the world. Although I do not play football anymore, I have been blessed with many opportunities to continually contribute to the Williams College community, whether as the treasurer of the Griffin Society (the leadership group for black men on campus), board member of the Green Revolving Fund (a fund investing in projects with a positive environmental impact), assistant in the Career Center, and more. Each of these opportunities has continued to shape me and would not be possible without the generous support of alumni, so for that, I thank you.


Cameron Helm ’18


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