Breelyn Karno ’20

Thank you. These words seem somewhat inadequate to express the depth of gratitude that I owe you, but I hope they will suffice.

My name is Breelyn Karno. I hail from a small town in rural Wisconsin where we have more cows and corn than people. Without you, I wouldn’t be at Williams.

I didn’t grow up in a poor family, but we weren’t particularly well-off either. I worked hard in school from a young age because I knew that I would someday need to get a fairly substantial college scholarship if I wanted to make my dream of someday curing cancer a reality.

I can honestly say that the day that I received my letter of acceptance to Williams was the best day of my life. I read my financial aid award with tears streaming down my face because I knew that I had succeeded in my longest held dream — I could go to college without fear of what the financial effect on my parents would be. The scholarship Williams was able to give me changed my life.

Since I arrived at Williams, I have been in a play, worked in a research lab, and had an interview for a summer job at a place that I’ve wanted to work at since I was nine years old. I don’t plan to waste the incredible opportunity I have been given. I enjoy every day in an intelligent, open, and, above all, kind community that I would never have been able to experience without the generous donations of alumni. I will be forever grateful for the chance that you gave me and for the chances that you give to so many students like me. Thank you.


Breelyn Karno ’20


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