Xiaoming Hou

Photo of Xiaoming Hou

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese

Hollander Hall Rm 248
At Williams since 2023


B.A. Minzu University of China (2010)
M.A. Minzu University of China (2012)
Ph.D. University of Macau (2020)

Areas of Expertise

Second language acquisition

Teaching Chinese as a second language

Scholarship/Creative Work

Paul Sun, P., Yang, Q., & Hou, X. (2023). New Zealand primary school students’ motivation and strategy use for learning Chinese-as-a-foreign-language. The Journal of Educational Research116(3), 171-185.

Hou, X. (2023). Syntactic blocking on L2 acquisition of Mandarin Ba-construction. Applied Psycholinguistics, 44(2), 157-178.

Hou, X., Sun, P., & Zhang, T. (2022). The role of phrasal frequency and association strength in L1 and L2 processing of Chinese disyllabic adverbial phrases (整体频率和搭配强度在母语和二语加工中的作用). Chinese Teaching in the World (《世界汉语教学》), 36(2), 236-250.

Hou, X. (2021). Learning two syntactic constructions simultaneously: A case of overshadowing. Language and Cognition, 13(3), 467-493.

Hou, X. (2018). Effectiveness of Chinese L2 incidental vocabulary learning through reading: A meta-analysis (汉语二语阅读中词汇附带习得研究的元分析). Chinese Teaching in the World (《世界汉语教学》), 32(4), 555-573.

Jin, H, & Hou, X. (2016). Explicit and implicit learning, knowledge, and instruction in CFL studies (汉语作为第二语言实证研究纵观:显性与隐性学习、知识、教学). Chinese Teaching in the World (《世界汉语教学》), 30(3), 379-400.

Professional Affiliations

Member, Chinese Language Teachers Association

Junior Editorial Board, International Journal of Chinese Language Teaching