Shinko Kagaya

Professor of Japanese

Hollander Hall Rm 222


B.A. Aoyama Gakuin University (1989)
M.A. Ohio State University (1991)
Ph.D. Ohio State University, East Asian Languages and Lit (1999)

Areas of Expertise

Japanese Literature and performance
Comperative performance studies
Japanese language pedagogy


JAPN 274 / COMP 274 TUT

Confronting Japan (not offered 2022/23)


Advanced Seminar in Japanese I (not offered 2022/23)


Advanced Seminar in Japanese II (not offered 2022/23)


Advanced Japanese: JLPT 1, 2 or 3 (not offered 2022/23)

Scholarship/Creative Work

“Kyôgen in the post-war era.” Adapted translation of Kobayashi Seki’s “Kyôgen” in Nihon koten geinô to gendai: nô kyôgen (Japanese traditional performing arts and today: nô and kyôgen), 129-269 (Tokyo: Iwanami shoten, 1996). Asian Theatre Journal 23 (2007).

「梅若六郎家蔵『門入姓名年月扣』翻刻および人名解説(一)、(二)、(三)」『武蔵野大学・能楽資料センター紀要』初代梅若実資料研究会の一員として。“An Annotated Directory of the First Umewaka Minoru’s List of Amateur Disciples, 1-3” (Co-authored by the Umewaka Minoru Study Group). Journal of the Noh Research Archives 15- 17 (2004-2006).

“Japanese Traditional and Modern Theater during the Time of Modernization: Chinese Patterns of Reception.” European Foundation for Chinese Music Research 16/17 (2005): 192-203.

察」『<翻訳>の圏域—文化・植民地・アイデンティティ—』 筑波大学文化批評研究会編。“Nô within East Asia During the Time of Modernization: A Perspective Considering Political, Historical, and Cultural Contexts.” In Realms of Translation: Culture, Colonies, and Identity. Ibaragi, Japan: Tsukuba University Research Group on Cultural Criticism (2004).

“Nô Performances in Gaichi.” Asian Theatre Journal 18.2 (2001): 257-269.

“Western Audiences and the Emergent Reorientation of Meiji Nô.” In Stanca Scholz-Cionca and Samuel L. Leiter, eds., Japanese Theatre and the International Stage. Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill (2000).

Current Committees

  • Diversity and Community

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