Cecilia Chang

Photo of Cecilia Chang

Frederick Latimer Wells Professor of Chinese

Hollander Hall Rm 353
At Williams since 1989


B.A. Fu-Jen University (1981)
M.A. University of California, Los Angeles (1987)
Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2004)

Areas of Expertise

Second Language Acquisition
Psycholinguistics/Reading Research
Second/Foreign Language Pedagogy
Curriculum Design and Evaluation

Scholarship/Creative Work


Liang, X., Y. Cui, Z. Zhang, Z. Li, C. Chang, J. Wang & S. Li (Forthcoming) New Horizons: An Intermediate-Advanced Course in Chinese (I), Liang et. al. Phoenix Tree Publishing Inc.

Computer workbook for Intermediate Reader of Modern Chinese, Princeton University Press, 1996.


Chang, C., J. Wang & X. Liang (2023). Online Summer Chinese Programs from the Perspective of Community Inquiry: Curriculum Innovations, Community Building and Student Satisfaction. Studies in Chinese Learning and Teaching, 1:1-28. 

Chang (2023). Introduction. Special Forum on Research and Instruction of Middlebury Chinese School in Post-pandemic Era. International Chinese Language Education, 8.2: 3.

Jia, J. & C. Chang (2023).  Challenges in the Post-pandemic Era: Changes in Learning Motivations and Influencing Factors of Mature Online Chinese Learners. International Chinese Language Education, 8.2: 4-11.

Chang (2023). The Historical Significance and Future Prospects of Middlebury Chinese Language Summer School. In Li et al. (Eds.). Transfer and Convergence of Chinese Language Teaching Development Across Time and Space. Wu Nan Publisher.

Jia, J. & C. Chang (2022). Understanding Online Language Learning During COVID-19: CFL Learners’ Learning Experiences in an Intensive Immersion Language Program. Taiwan Journal of Chinese as a Second Language,24.1: 3-48.

Chang, C, T. Chen, P. Gao, K. Zhou, Y. Gao & M. Harris (2020). Middlebury Virtual Chinese School: Design, Practice, Reflection. JTCLT Monograph Series: Volume 1, Online Chinese Teaching and Learning. Electronic version.

Chang, C. (2010). See How They Read: An Investigation into the Metacognitive Awareness of Non-Native Readers of Chinese. In M. Everson and H. Shen (Eds.). Research Among Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language. NFLRC Monograph Series

Chang, C. (2007). Effects of Topic Familiarity and Linguistic Difficulty on the Reading Strategies and Mental Representations of Nonnative Readers of Chinese”. Lingua et Linguistica, 1.2: 56- 72.

Chang, C. (2006). The Teacher-Training Workshop of the 2006 Middlebury Summer Chinese School: Innovations and Reflections”. Guoji Hanyu Jiaoxue Dongtai Yu Yanjiu, [International Chinese Language Teaching and Learning], No. 4.

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Chang, C. & Yen, I. (1998). Computer Workbook for Intermediate Reader of Modern Chinese, Princeton University Press.

Awards, Fellowships & Grants

Nelson Bushnell ’20 Faculty Prize for Excellence in Teaching and Writing (Williams College, 2015)

Professional Activities

Director, Chinese School, Middlebury College Language Schools, 2017 –

Chief Reader, AP Chinese Language and Culture, College Board, 2016-2017.

Co-Chair, AP Chinese Language and Culture Development Committee, College Board, 2014-2015.

Member, AP Chinese Language and Culture Development Committee, College Board, 2011-2012, 2012-2013.

Member, Editorial Board of Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association, 2009-2013

Member, Editorial Board of Taiwan Journal of Chinese as a Second Language, 2011 –

Member, Academic Committee of the First Maryland International Conference on Chinese as a Second Language (MICCSL1), 2012

Faculty, Middlebury Chinese MA Program, 2008, 2012, 2014.

Field Director, Associated Colleges in China, Beijing, China. 2011

Consultant, Site-Visit Program, College Board, 2011.

Trainer, Middlebury Summer Chinese School, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Previous Posts

Visiting lecturer in Chinese, Princeton University, 1987-1988.

Visiting lecturer in Chinese, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, 1988-1989.

Lead Instructor of Beginning and Intermediate Chinese, Middlebury chinese Summer School, 1987-1993.

Lead instructor of Intermediate Chinese, Princton in Beijing Chinese Summer School, 1994, 1998