Vehicle Violations & Fines

Violations are assessed as follows:

Failure to register a motor vehicle $50.00
Failure to properly display a parking permit $50.00
Overtime parking $50.00
Parking in a restricted area $50.00
Parking in a faculty/staff space (if student) $50.00
Parking in a student space (if faculty/staff) $50.00
Parking in the Congo Lot (other than east row for fac/staff vehicles) $50.00
Parking on the grass $50.00
Excessive speed $101.00
Failure to stop at a marked intersection stop/yield $101.00
Parking in a handicap space $101.00
Driving the wrong way on a one way road $101.00
Parking in a fire lane $101.00
Boot removal fee $201.00
Suspended vehicle (ten tickets or more) $201.00

Ticketing procedure

No ParkingTickets will be placed on vehicles that are illegally parked or in violation of a rule or regulation.  For parking violations by faculty/staff or visitors,  payment of fines should be made at the Cashier’s Office in Hopkins Hall.  All fines for student violations will be billed directly to the student’s term bill for payment.

Parking Ticket Appeals

Ticket appeals may be made in writing within 30 days (no exceptions) of the date of the ticket and will be accepted only if the citation is attached (no exceptions). Forms are available at the Campus Safety Services Department in the basement of Hopkins Hall. The Ticket Appeals Committee decides the merits of all individual ticket appeals. The Ticket Appeals Committee has three voting members representing the faculty, staff and students. The Committee’s decision is final.

All rules are strictly enforced.  We do, however, give every owner/person in charge of a motor vehicle two warnings a year for non-major, non-moving violation offenses ($50 violations).

Immobilizing Devices

An immobilizing device (boot) may be placed on unregistered or unidentified vehicles found repeatedly parked illegally on campus. The person responsible for the vehicle must report to the Campus Safety Services Department to have the apparatus is removed. There will be a $201.00 fee assessed to remove the boot which must be paid in full or placed on a term bill. Repeated offenses may result in towing and/or disciplinary action.

Suspension of Driving/Parking Privileges

If a student acquires 7 parking citations in a school year, they will lose their ability to participate in the parking lottery for the following school year.

When the 10th ticket is issued, all parking and driving privileges on campus property are suspended.  Violations of the suspension order will result in a $201.00 fine, plus towing fees.  Five suspension level tickets will result in an extension of the suspension order to include the next academic year.  It is the responsibility of the person who registers the vehicles to keep track of the number of violations.