The installation of the strobe light crosswalk signals, on Main and Park streets allow you to be seen. The signals are to be used as a supplement to the STOP LOOK and WAVE practices that have been utilized for many years.

The strobes are designed to alert drivers to the presence of a pedestrian wanting to cross the road.  These strobes can be used at all times of the day and night.  They are most effective during low light conditions from dusk to dawn and anytime the weather is overcast.


STOP at the crosswalk

PUSH the button to activate the strobe lights

LOOK to make sure the vehicles have stopped

WAVE as a courtesy, to acknowledge the drivers.



A special thanks to Jason Hoch ’95, Williamstown Town Manager and Ben Gips ’18 for their hard work to bring our desire for increased pedestrian safety into reality.


Watch the video here: PUSH THE BUTTON!