Building Access

Residence Halls

All student residence halls have electronic locking systems which are accessed by validated I.D. cards.  Campus Safety can deactivate and provide a temporary replacement I.D. for lost or stolen cards 24 hours a day.  Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to Campus Safety Services in order to prevent unauthorized use of college resources.

Deliberate damage and/or tampering of the access control system will result in a fine, the cost of repairing the equipment, and/or disciplinary action, including suspension.  All student bedrooms have individual locks.  Each student is issued a key or access code to his or her room.

Students should lock their rooms and carry their room keys with them.

Only authorized individuals are permitted in these buildings; the student residences are private property and trespassers will be prosecuted.  Guests are permitted in the buildings, with hosts responsible for their guests’ actions.

Maintenance personnel wear identification badges and have access only from 6am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.  On-call Facilities personnel have 24-hour access to all student residences. (Note: The College does not supervise seniors granted the privilege of living off-campus.)

Academic Buildings

Most academic buildings (e.g., Stetson/Sawyer Library, Griffin Hall, Hollander Hall, and Schapiro Hall) are open during the day and early evening, but are locked at night. A few facilities have card access systems and are accessible to students with a valid I.D. card.