Bicycle Information

Riding your bike is the fastest way to get around campus! 

The use of bicycles on campus is considered a safe and efficient mode of transportation when operating them properly and a helmet is worn. Students along with Faculty and Staff are increasingly bicycling to commute, for exercise, or just for fun.

Bicycle Riding Safety

    • Every bike ride begins with putting on a helmet. But it’s equally important that you ensure a proper fit so your helmet can best protect you.
    • There are two main types of crashes: the most common (falls), and the most serious (the ones with cars). Regardless of the reason for the crash, prevention is the name of the game. Ride responsibly.
    • Ride a bike that works—it really doesn’t matter how well you ride if the brakes don’t work.
    • Wear bright clothing (during the day), reflective gear, and a white front light and red rear light and reflectors on your bike (at night, or when visibility is poor).
    • Ride one per seat, with both hands on the handlebars, unless signaling a turn.
    • Carry all items in a backpack or strapped to the back of the bike.
    • Tuck and tie your shoe laces and pant legs so they don’t get caught in your bike chain.
    • Be focused and alert to the road and all traffic around you.
    • Anticipate what others may do, before they do it.
    • Ride with the flow, in the same direction as traffic.
    • Obey street signs, signals, and road markings, just like a car.
    • Assume the other person doesn’t see you; look ahead for hazards or situations to avoid.

Bicycle Protection

    • Most bicycles that are stolen were unlocked. To help deter theft and assist Campus Safety Services in returning a lost or stolen bicycle you should complete a Bicycle Registration form.

    • Most bicycles that are stolen were unlocked. To help deter theft and assist Campus Safety Services in returning a lost or stolen bicycle you should complete a Bike registration. Bring your bicycle and ID. Campus Safety Services also has designated Bicycle Registration Days at various locations on campus during the beginning of the school year. Dates, Times and locations are posted on Daily Messages. Register your bicycle on-line HERE.
    • Remember to lock your bicycle at all times. U-bolt locks are recommended.
    • While it is important to keep your bicycle locked, keep in mind that you cannot lock your bicycle to trees, railings, lights, or sign posts.
    • Please be mindful to not lock your bicycle to another bicycle.
    • Always lock your bike on a bicycle rack.
    • Bicycle racks are located throughout campus, for locations please view them on this map.
    • It is a violation of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) to hinder building access or egress. Bicycles are never allowed to be locked to hand railings, parked in hallways, stairways, exit pathways, ramps, or anywhere that may impede entry or exit from a building. Bicycles that are found locked to these areas and have to be removed, will be at the owner’s expense.

Abandoned Bicycles

  • Bicycles on Williams College property that appear to be abandoned will be taken into custody by Campus Safety and Security, logged, and stored for a period of one year, or until claimed by the owner. Unclaimed bicycles are donated to charitable organizations.
  • Campus Safety Services will pick up bicycles deemed abandoned annually after Alumni weekend and periodically throughout the year.
  • When you leave campus for the summer, bring your bicycle with you!
  • There is no summer storage for bicycles on campus.