On-Campus Student FAQs

Everyone living on campus has now been distributed across multiple residential buildings, so that you’ll each have your own bedroom and bathroom. Facilities staff, including maintenance and custodial staff, will be on duty and will respond to concerns, prioritized by urgency. Students who live off-campus but have been approved to access college facilities are in comparable situations of their own.

We hope that you will be cautious and do what you can to stay healthy, as we’re all doing right now. We ask you specifically to practice social distancing. We also want to emphasize that most cases of COVID-19 involve relatively mild symptoms, and the individuals are able to recover at home. Our priority will be to protect and care for you depending on your condition and limiting the chance of contagion. We ask and expect each of you to commit to joining us in that effort while you’re here.

These FAQs are evolving, and items will be added as new questions and answers emerge. Please understand that many answers are a work in progress—we will be honest when information is not yet known or decisions are still being made, and we will update those items as soon as possible.

If you have a question to suggest, please submit it for consideration via our comment form.

The most reliable sources of information are the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization for general information. For college-specific information, please visit the Williams College COVID-19 information page.

On-Campus Resources