Are students who take a leave able to participate in Commencement with their original class?

Only students who have completed all degree requirements are able to participate in Commencement. This means that students who take a leave cannot participate in commencement with their original class. These students can, however, opt to participate in Senior Week, Ivy Exercises, and Baccalaureate with their original class if they so choose. Students who complete their degree requirements in December are invited to return to campus the following June to participate in Commencement exercises. Students who take a leave are able to choose which class they would like to affiliate with for reunion events post-graduation.

NOTE: Williams was not able to host a commencement for students who graduated in the Class of 2020 due to COVID-19. We hope to offer these students the opportunity to participate in a commencement celebration when it is safe to do so. Any student from the Class of 2020 who has completed their degree requirements (including those who took a leave and completed their requirements off-cycle) will be included in this opportunity.

Visit the Student Handbook website for more information on off-cycle enrollment.

Added 7/9/2020