What is the college doing about ventilation in campus buildings?

The college has conducted a comprehensive review of campus buildings and spaces. Engineers measured airflow rates and are upgrading the filters in our heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to a MERV 13 rating or higher. Wherever possible, they’re also adjusting building automation settings to meet or exceed ventilation standards… Continue reading »

Is the intent to enroll decision that was due July 10 binding? If I decide between now and move-in that I prefer or need to pursue a different option, can I do so without penalty?

Though the deadline to declare your choice was Friday, July 10, important updates regarding campus arrival, testing, quarantine, athletics and course offerings may affect your original decision. (Please see Dean Marlene Sandstrom’s Aug. 6 letter here.) If, after you read our updates and protocols, you feel you would prefer… Continue reading »