Faculty and Staff Policies

Following is basic information on topics of broad concern. Please reach out to your supervisor or department head with follow-up questions or for clarification.

As always, if you are not feeling well, please stay home, see your healthcare provider if necessary and recover safely.

  • Scheduling

    Vaccinated faculty and staff are required to test once per week. Anyone who has not yet completed the vaccination process or has received an exemption must test twice weekly until further notice. People on leaves and sabbaticals are not required to test as long as you are off campus.

    • The test site is on the second floor of Greylock Hall. Drive-through testing (faculty and staff only) is at the Hockey Rink. Both sites are open Monday through Thursday, 9 AM to 4 PM, during the academic year. Any schedule changes during college breaks will be communicated in the weekly Ops updates.
    • Sign up for all testing appointments via CoVerified. If CoVerified shows that drive-through slots are fully booked on your desired date/time, please schedule your test at Greylock Hall instead.
    • If you expect to be away and miss a weekly test, please complete the Missed Tests & External Testing Attestation and submit it in advance. You don't need to email anyone.
    • The college testing program is for asymptomatic testing only. If you develop Covid-like symptoms, please consult your healthcare provider about options for local testing and treatment. You may not use the campus testing site if you're symptomatic.

    Email covid-info-facstaff​@williams​.edu for any other Covid-related questions.


    Test results are delivered via CoVerified. If you need a copy of your test result for travel or other reasons, you can display and print a PDF using the CoVerified app or website.

    • On the app: Choose the Records tab and tap on the latest test result to access the PDF.
    • On the web: Choose the View Records tab, click the 3 vertical dots at the right of your most recent test, and select View.

  • Masking is required in all administrative offices and workspaces, libraries, indoor fitness and athletic facilities.

    • Faculty who are vaccinated and boosted may still unmask in the classroom if you believe doing so will positively improve the quality of instruction, and if you can do so at a safe distance from others in the room.
    • Guest speakers and artists may also unmask while speaking or performing if they wish, as long as they, too, are at a safe distance from their audience.
    • Participants in varsity athletics and official club sports may unmask indoors while actively engaged in competition or practice.
    • Students, faculty and staff may all unmask outdoors. If you do so please maintain social distancing when possible, and consider masking up when it’s not.

    As a reminder, we also have personal protection supplies available: if you’d like to request more hand sanitizer, please ask your area custodian or contact Facilities. And if you’ve run out of masks, a limited number of KN95s are available at the Greylock and Field House test sites, and the Facilities offices. Since supplies are limited, though, please use up any stock of masks you have before taking more.

    See the CDC’s Masking website for information on how to properly wear and maintain a mask. The New York Times offers a guide on how long masks can be worn safely.

  • If you test positive

    If you test positive through the college program you'll be contacted by a Berkshire Health Systems medical staff member and by a staff member from Human Resources, who will explain college policies and options.

    If you test positive through any program other than the college’s, please contact covid-info-facstaff​@williams​.edu, so that HR can note your result and advise you on college policies.


    Once you test positive, you should immediately isolate at home and seek medical advice from your healthcare provider. 

    In accordance with CDC recommendations, you should quarantine for at least five days. You may return to work on the sixth calendar day after your positive test if you no longer have symptoms and have been fever-free for at least 24 hours.  

    If your fever persists through Day 5, even at a low level, you should remain in quarantine for for a total of ten days. You may then return to work on Day 11.

    You may work remotely during your quarantine if you are able. Staff who cannot work remotely should use the Covid-19 earnings code when entering your time.

    Returning to work after Covid

    On your first day back the college will provide you with KN95 masks. You must wear them everywhere on campus (indoors and out) through Day 10, counting from the day of your positive result. After that, you should follow the college’s standard masking rules.

    You'll also be removed from the college’s testing program for 90 days from your initial positive result. Human Resources will send you a reminder when it's time to re-enter the testing program.

  • A person is considered a close contact if they've spent 15 minutes or more within six feet of a known positive, cumulatively within 24 hours, regardless of whether or not they were masked at the time.

    Faculty and staff who test positive are responsible for identifying and informing their own close contacts. The college provides instructions for notification when informing a person of a positive result.

    Student contacts will be handled separately, since faculty and staff should always be masked during indoor interactions with students.

    If a student tests positive, they'll be asked by Health Services to provide a list of faculty and staff with whom they've been in contact, starting from 48 hours prior to their test. Health Services will then inform Human Resources of any employee close contacts, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, and HR will make the notifications. 

    Types of close contacts

    If you're fully vaccinated and boosted

    • For ten days following the date of exposure please mask at all times on campus.
    • Test at Day Five from the date of known exposure. This may involve an extra test, depending on your testing schedule.
    • If you're asymptomatic you may use the college testing site for this purpose. If you develop even mild symptoms, don't use the college site: instead, contact your healthcare provider or make an appointment at one of the Berkshire Health System locations in North Adams, Pittsfield and Great Barrington.
    • In addition, continue to test on your regular college testing schedule.
    • If you test positive, immediately quarantine at home and contact your healthcare provider for medical advice.

    If you are unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated (including not boosted)

    • Mask up immediately and quarantine at home for five days if asymptomatic, or ten days if symptomatic. Don't report to work or come to campus.
    • Contact your healthcare provider for medical advice and contact your manager to arrange for your absence or work from home.
    • If you remain asymptomatic you may rejoin the college testing program.

    If you tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days and are now recovered

    • You don't need to get tested following exposure as long as you don't develop new symptoms.
    • If you do develop symptoms, immediately quarantine at home and contact your healthcare provider for medical advice

    If your child or other dependent tests positive

    If someone in your household tests positive, staff should speak with your manager about options. Faculty can contact the Dean of Faculty.

  • All faculty and staff community were required to get a booster shot by February 1, 2022, or within 30 days from your date of eligibility. This requirement applies even if you've recently recovered from Covid. If your healthcare provider advises you not to get a booster, please submit an exemption request.

    Use either the the CoVerified app (available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store) or the CoVerified website to submit your booster documentation:

    • Take a photo of your completed vaccine card and have it available on your device
      • If using the app: choose the "+" button at the bottom of the screen, and select “Upload Vaccine Record”
      • If using the web: From the sidebar, choose “Reports,” then “Report Vaccination”
    • For “Date performed,” enter the date on which you received your booster shot
    • Fill out the remaining fields, follow the instructions to attach the picture of your completed vaccination card, and tap “Submit”

    Once your documentation is confirmed, a COVID-19 vaccination badge on the home screen of the app; on the CoVerified website confirmation will appear as an “Approved” note under View Records > Vaccination Records.

    Please email [email protected] with any questions.

  • Faculty and staff are free to travel for personal or business purposes, at your discretion. If you leave Berkshire County for an overnight trip or longer, we recommend that you get a COVID test before returning to campus.

    If your test is positive, please don't come to campus. Contact your provider (staff should also notify your manager), and then take care of yourself until you're cleared for return.

  • Departments and programs may now serve food at any event.

    Speakers and performers may unmask while speaking or performing from a stage, podium or in other settings where social distance from the audience can be maintained.