Faculty and Staff Policies

Following is basic information on topics of broad concern. Staff, please reach out to your supervisor or department head with follow-up questions or for clarification. Faculty, inquiries can be directed to the Dean of Faculty's office.

As always, if you aren't feeling well, please stay home, see your healthcare provider if necessary and recover safely.

    • Starting Wednesday, December 7, masks are optional but encouraged on campus unless otherwise specified.
    • Faculty may continue to require masking in classes and labs at your discretion. Departments and offices may choose to do the same in your spaces.
    • Please carry a mask at all times, and respect any request to mask up.
    • Additional KN95 masks can be obtained from the Jessica Park Mail Room in Paresky.
    • Please use up the masks you have before taking more, and help the environment by depositing used masks in the designated recycling bins located around campus.
    • Offices that want to keep a supply of surgical masks on hand for visitors should request them through your area custodian.

  • Test kits

    • Employees are welcome to pick up two free test kits from the Jessica Park Mailroom in Paresky, Human Resources or the stockroom of the Facilities Service Building during their normal business hours.
    • Dining staff will be provided with tests at your place of work.
    • Employees on the college insurance plan may obtain up to eight additional free tests per month from local pharmacies, including CVS, Walgreens and Stop & Shop.
    • Please use the kits to self-test if you develop possible Covid symptoms or have a confirmed exposure.

    If you test positive

    • If you test positive, please inform HR of your result so they can advise you on college policies. Please don’t report negative results.
    • Immediately isolate according to the CDC guidance and stay away from campus for at least five days. You should also seek medical advice from your healthcare provider.
      • If you no longer have symptoms by Day Five and have been fever-free for at least 24 hours, you can return to work starting on Day Six. (Loss of taste or smell isn't counted as a symptom for this purpose.) When you do, please wear a KN95 or comparable mask everywhere on campus, indoors and out, through Day Ten, counting from the day of your positive result. After that, please follow the college’s standard masking rules.
      • If you still have a fever on Day Five, even at a low level, continue to isolate and stay off campus. You may then return to work after a total of ten days. You don't need to wear a mask when you return unless masking is required by your department or unit.
      • Employees don't need a negative test result in order to return to work—please just follow the rules above.
    • Employees may work remotely during isolation if you're able. Staff who can't work remotely should report sick time.
    • Williams will adjust sick time balances as needed to ensure that no employee depletes their available hours due to Covid. Contact Human Resources with any questions.

    If your child or other dependent tests positive

    • If someone in your household tests positive, staff should speak with your manager about options, while faculty can contact the Dean of Faculty.

    • Faculty and staff who test positive are responsible for identifying and informing their own close contacts. If a student tests positive, they'll be asked by Health Services to provide a list of faculty and staff with whom they've been in contact, starting from 48 hours prior to their test. Health Services will then inform Human Resources of any employee close contacts, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, and HR will make the notifications to faculty and staff.
    • If you're a close contact, please monitor your health and use rapid tests to test yourself if symptoms develop.
    • If you test positive, please follow the instructions in the "Positive Cases" section, above.

    • The college encourages all eligible individuals to get the Omicron booster released in Fall 2022. A flu shot is also strongly recommended.
    • All faculty and staff were required to complete their vaccination, including the first Covid booster shot, by February 1, 2022. New hires must complete the process before starting employment. This requirement applies to people who have recently recovered from Covid, as well.
    • Please affirm your vaccination by completing and submitting the COVID-19 Vaccination Attestation Form.
    • Requests will be considered for exemptions on the basis of medical or religious reasons or strongly held personal beliefs. To submit a request, please use the Vaccine Exemption Request form.

    • Faculty and staff may travel for personal or business purposes at your discretion. If you leave Berkshire County for an overnight trip or longer, please use a rapid test to test yourself before returning to campus.
    • If you need a PCR test, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services nationwide testing locator can help you find the nearest testing site.
    • If your test is positive, follow the instructions in the Positive Cases section, above.

    • Food may now be served at any college event.
    • Guest speakers or performers may unmask during events and performances as long as the event space allows social distance from the audience.  Guests should follow college masking policies everywhere else on campus.
    • Off-campus attendees are welcome at college events at the organizers' discretion. Guests should be told that the college expects them to be fully vaccinated. Event sponsors aren't required to check proof of vaccination, but may do so at their discretion.
    • If you plan to require masks and/or verify vaccination status at your event, please include this information in your promotional materials and have extra surgical masks available at the door.