Faculty and Staff Policies

We’re excited to begin the process of welcoming folks back to campus over the summer, and we know you have a lot of questions and we’ll attempt to answer many of the most common questions here. Please feel free to reach out to your supervisor or department head with follow-up questions or for clarification on items addressed here. As always, if you’re not feeling well, please stay home and recover safely.

  • The college has required faculty and staff to provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination by no later than the end of August—the time by which a return to on-campus workspaces is expected. Employees will be allowed to request exemptions from this requirement for medical or religious reasons or strongly-held personal beliefs on the subject.

    Vaccinated faculty and staff will be allowed to stop testing and wearing masks indoors (unless they choose to) as soon as they’ve provided documentation and received a reply stating that the document has been confirmed.

    You must continue to test if:
    -you've not been vaccinated yet;
    -you're vaccinated but haven't yet successfully uploaded your vaccine documentation;
    -you have an approved exemption.

    So if my vaccination record has been approved, should I continue testing? It is not recommended. The CDC guidelines state that fully vaccinated individuals should only test if they are symptomatic. The Williams testing program is for regular asymptomatic testing. If you have symptoms you should test at a local test site, not on campus. However, if you test positive, you will be asked to isolate for 10 days per CDC guidelines and must use leave for that time.

    If you do become symptomatic, please immediately contact your healthcare provider or a local testing site to get tested and treated as necessary. Our campus testing site isn’t equipped to safely test symptomatic people..

  • Option 1: Via the CoVerified mobile app  (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store)

    • Take a photo of your completed vaccine card and have it available on your device
    • Open the CoVerified app, choose “Report” at the bottom of the screen, then select the “Upload Vaccine Record” option
    • For “Date performed,” enter the date on which you received your second shot if you received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or your only shot if you received Johnson & Johnson
    • Fill out the remaining fields, attach the picture of your completed vaccination card as instructed, and tap “Submit”

    Option 2: Via the CoVerified website

    • Take a photo of your completed vaccine card and have it available on your device
    • From the sidebar, choose “Reports,” then “Report Vaccination”
    • For “Date performed,” enter the date on which you received your second shot if you received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or your only shot if you received Johnson & Johnson
    • Fill out the remaining fields, attach a picture of your completed vaccination card as instructed, and choose “Submit”

    My status has been remote in CoVerified and I don’t see an option for uploading my vaccination information?

    If your status is currently set to “Remote” in CoVerified, choose “Return to Campus” as your status so that you’ll see the options for uploading your vaccination information. Even if you do not intend on returning to campus until later this summer, please leave your status as “return to campus” so you can see your approval.

    If my vaccination record has been approved, why does my status still indicate “restricted”?

    In the app, click “Why am I restricted” or view the explanation on the website. It’s most often due to the daily symptom check process. Once your vaccination status is approved, you can ignore the symptom check function, as it doesn’t restrict you access to campus in any way.

    If you’re unable to use these options for any reason, or need help uploading your vaccination record, please email a copy of your card to [email protected] and they’ll add it to the system for you. To protect your privacy, please do not copy any other college employees or offices on your message.

    Once you receive confirmation that your vaccination information has been approved, you should stop COVID-19 testing, in keeping with CDC guidance. On the CoVerified app your confirmation will appear in the form of a COVID-19 vaccination badge on your app home screen. On the CoVerified website you’ll see an “Approved” note under View Records > Vaccination Records.

    Please email [email protected] with any questions.

  • To request an exemption, please complete the exemption request form. Your request will be confidentially reviewed by the Office for Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

    Please note that submitting a request doesn’t guarantee it will be granted. The status of your request will be confirmed by Toya Camacho or Ngoni Munemo. If approved, you’ll then be exempt from having to submit proof of vaccination, but will be required to continue with weekly Covid testing and wearing a mask indoors on campus.

    The college will send weekly updates on who is required to test and wear face coverings to the department heads in Dining Services, Facilities, Campus Safety, and the Children’s Center. Other departments will receive updates after July 1. Managers have been instructed that this information may only be used to approve workplace absences for testing purposes, and to ensure mask-wearing.


    Staff and faculty who aren’t vaccinated and receive an exemption will be required to continue with weekly testing and wearing masks.

    Beginning June 1, weekly testing takes place by appointment only at Towne Field House between 10 am and 2 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please continue to use Coverified to schedule your appointments.

    • Both Walk-Up and Drive-Through testing will be available; please refer to this this map for specific locations and traffic patterns. Both testing sites are ADA accessible.
    • Drive-through testing is for faculty and staff only. Parking is not available in the Field House lot. We ask that faculty and staff who need to drive to the site please use the drive-through option appointment slots. Parking is available on the Town street or in the public parking lot at the bottom of Spring Street.
    • For everyone's health and safety, including your own, please make every effort to make it to your scheduled testing appointment on the day and at the time you've reserved through CoVerified. If for some entirely unavoidable reason you miss an appointment, make a CoVerified appointment for the next available testing day.

    Email [email protected] for scheduling-related questions.
    Email covid-info-facstaff​@williams​.edu for any other Covid-related questions.

    Testing on Wednesday evenings in Hopkins Hall from 3pm-9pm is for 2nd and 3rd shift faculty/staff and those who have made arrangements. Wednesday testing is not scheduled through Coverified: please contact Heather Main if you need to utilize this time frame. Exceptions will be made for re-tests needed for inconclusive tests.


    Building Access and Guidelines

    Stuff, faculty , and emeriti faculty, who have uploaded their vaccination confirmation may access campus facilities.

    Access to most buildings will continue to be controlled and will require you to either swipe into the building or use your key to access the space. As you return to campus and settle into your individual spaces, we want to remind you that you may begin to meet in person if you so desire. Please be mindful of our current Covid guidelines with respect to masking and social distancing, if applicable. At this time, we are not allowing visitors or community members into campus spaces as we work to return faculty and staff to their individual work spaces. We do anticipate that this will change for the fall and you should feel free to plan for guest speakers, visitors, etc. as part of your planning for the 2021-2022 academic year.

    Kitchenettes are available. However, as you begin to use these spaces and machines such as coffee makers, please run them through a few cycles with just hot water. This will assist with the flushing of lines, much of which the custodial and facilities team have already been doing. All appliances are available for use, including those that may have a sticker still on them. Stickers will eventually be removed, but in the meantime, feel free to use appliances. Lastly, custodians no longer empty personal trash and recycling bins in campus offices. Instead, each individual is responsible for emptying them into the larger bins in nearby common areas.

    Athletics continues to steadily open indoor facilities:

    • The Lasell general and faculty/staff locker rooms and the general locker room for the pool are now open.
    • Starting Monday, most Athletics facilities will be open Mondays and Wednesdays noon-8 p.m. and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 2-8 p.m. Reservations are required: use the Athletics Sign Up Genius to book your times.
    • Hours for the pool and spin classes vary, so are posted on the indoor athletic facilities page and the Signup Genius page.

    As always, you can find full details on the Athletics Covid site.


    Furniture is beginning to be returned to campus spaces by our facilities team. Please recognize there are several tractor trailer loads to return to campus and to organize in buildings. Your patience during the process is greatly appreciated! This work is now underway and there are other dates planned in early July for more furniture to be returned to campus. If you have specific questions about a space on campus, please contact Assistant Director for Custodial Services and Special Functions Dan Levering.

    Custodial Services

    The building ventilation settings and our cleaning practices meet current guidelines and we’re excited to welcome colleagues back to campus. As a reminder, we ask for your kind patience with our custodial teams. They have a lot on their plate with furniture, student summer activities, etc. If you have any questions about a particular space, please reach out to your primary custodial staff member.

    Facilities will continue to distribute hand sanitizer across campus. It’s available in central locations in each building.

    The custodial teams will no longer provide additional cleaning supplies to departments or individuals, since their cleaning and sanitation practices meet CDC standards.

    Mail Services

    For now, we’ll continue with our current process for the summer which has mail coming centrally to the Jessica Park Mailroom in Paresky and then distributed. With access to buildings still restricted, we’re working on a plan for managing mail and anticipate changes being implemented for the next academic year. For now, the Paresky Center is still the place to go to pick up your packages.