Faculty & Staff Testing

Please schedule testing appointments through the CoVerified app or CoVerified web portal. Learn more in our CoVerified onboarding instructions.

Below you will find a detailed outline of testing protocols for faculty and staff. You can find additional resources in the Covid-19 Guide for Staff. If you have a question that’s not addressed here, please submit it for consideration via our comment form.

  • Faculty and staff in high-contact jobs must be tested weekly.

    People in low-contact jobs, or who only come to campus occasionally or work in relative isolation, are welcome and encouraged to participate in testing. Once you join the program, you’ll be expected to continue getting tested weekly throughout the fall.

    Only people who are asymptomatic should come to a testing site. If you feel unwell or think you might have been exposed to Covid-19, don’t come to campus but instead contact your medical provider directly. You can also call the Berkshire Health Systems Covid-19 Hotline at 855-262-5465 or the Southwestern Vermont Medical Center Covid-19 Hotline at 802-440-8844.

    If you anticipate missing a week for any reason, please email us at [email protected] in advance.

  • Locations

    Whitman Parking Garage, 45 Whitman Street

    • Walk-up testing: Located on the top, open-air level of Whitman Parking Garage.
    • Drive-through testing: Located on the first floor of the Whitman Parking Garage, enter at Whitman Street. This location is for faculty and staff only (it’s very efficient, try it out!).
    • Both testing sites are ADA accessible.


    Beginning Monday, September 14, hours for both walk-up and drive-through testing:

    • Monday, 9 am - 4 pm
    • Tuesday, 9 am - 4 pm
    • Wednesday, 12 pm -4 pm
    • Thursday, 9 am - 4 pm
    • Friday, 9 am - 4 pm
  • Please remember to blow your nose prior to testing. Solid matter will interfere with the test’s accuracy. If you forget to blow your nose in advance, tissues will be available.

    As you approach the walk-through testing site, you will be directed to the check-in tent that will be set up with two tables, up to 9 ID card readers, and plexiglass barriers. Each ID card reader will be labeled 1 through 9, which will correlate with the lanes in the registration and the testing tents. For example, if you swipe your card at reader 4, you will enter the registration tent and be directed to lane 4.

    While you wait to move between tents, please be sure to maintain 6’ social distancing. Markers on the ground will indicate proper spacing.

    Once inside the registration tent, proceed to the lane number corresponding with the ID card reader you swiped at. When you reach the registration table, stand no closer than the tape line on the ground. There will be a plexiglass barrier between you and the worker on every table. Show your Williams ID card so your name can be verified. A label will be placed on a vial by the worker, and the vial will be placed in a tray that will be passed to you under the plexiglass barrier. Verify your name and date of birth are correct on the vial label.

    Once you have your vial, you’ll be directed to the testing area, where you’ll be greeted by an EMT or medically trained professional. You’ll again verify your name, and then be instructed to pick up the cotton swab on the table (still in its original, unopened packaging), open it, and conduct the nasal test. This test simply involves swabbing (making three circles) the inside of each nostril. Once your test is completed, place your vial into the BROAD box located on the testing table.

  • Vehicles higher than 6’ 6” will not be able to access the parking garage. If your vehicle exceeds this height, you will not be permitted to enter the drive-through testing site.

    Please remember to blow your nose prior to testing. Solid matter will interfere with the test’s accuracy. If you forget to blow your nose in advance, tissues will be available.

    The entrance for the drive-through testing is from Whitman Street, behind the ’62 Center. Vehicles will travel around the circle from left to right and will be directed to the second level by traffic controllers.

    Once at the entrance to the second floor of the garage, tap your Williams ID card on the card reader and proceed into the garage, down to the first level. Present your college ID to registration workers who will print labels and place them on a vial. An EMT/trained worker will verify your name and date of birth on the vial and hand the vial and one swab package to you.

    The EMT/trained worker will witness the test, and then request that you place the swap into the vial. You will then exit the testing site.

    Please note: Carpooling is not permitted; however, individuals who live together may arrive for testing in the same vehicle. They can each be tested provided they each have an appointment and are wearing a mask. Each person will need to present and tap a Williams ID on the card reader.

  • Negative test results will be available on the CoVerified online platform and app. You will no longer receive an email notification or prompt.

    Results can take 24-72 hours to be received from the time the sample is received at the Broad Institute lab, which is typically around 11 p.m., Monday through Friday.

    If you test positive, a physician will contact you and discuss next steps. You will be required to remain in isolation for at least 14 days. You will also hear from Leslie Drager, the local Williamstown lead contact tracer, or a member of her team. Danielle Gonzalez, Director of Human Resources, will also be notified of positive test results. As required by state law, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health will also be notified of any positive test result.

  • Contract tracers will request information such as who the infected individual had contact with in the last 2-3 days. Massachusetts defines close contact as face to face for 10 or more minutes, less than 6’ apart. In addition, you may receive a call from the Massachusetts Tracing Team, using the caller ID “MA COVID TEAM” and area codes 833 and/or 857.

    The tracers will not request information such as Social Security numbers or banking information. If you receive a call requesting this information, do not share it, as it may be a scam.