Travel Corridor open beginning April 5

Dear Students,

I am writing to confirm that starting tomorrow, Monday, April 5th, you will be allowed to use personal vehicles or public transportation to travel along the Williamstown-North Adams corridor.

This increased flexibility is designed to provide you with the ability to take care of important personal needs (hair care, specific grocery or pharmacy items, etc) that cannot otherwise be met.

Below are some helpful reminders about the travel corridor and what is permissible:

  • Students are permitted to travel off campus in order to obtain groceries, prescriptions, personal care items and for hair care.
  • Travel will be limited to an area along Route 2 from Williamstown to North Adams, including Wild Oats, Walgreens, Dollar General and Stop & Shop, and south along Route 8 to Wal-Mart. This corridor also includes some barbers and hair salons. Refer to this map when planning your travel.
  • Students may only visit businesses within these boundaries for purposes listed above, and may not visit other locations, even along the corridor, including private residences, restaurants (except drive-through or contactless pick-up), bars, athletics and fitness centers, and other kinds of retail outlets.
  • Students may use personal cars to drive to the permitted locations. You may also transport podmates to these locations in your vehicle, or you may drive yourself and one non-podmate. You may not transport a combination of podmates and non-podmates, or more than one non-podmate. When traveling with passengers, the driver and passengers must be masked at all times. Occupants should be as socially distanced as possible and the windows should be open to increase ventilation, weather permitting.
  • Students can also use the BTRA public transportation system to get to the permitted locations, provided that you wear a mask and follow all public health guidelines.

Please be sure to wear a mask, engage in social distancing, and follow all relevant health guidelines. We remain concerned about COVID rates in our neighboring communities so your continued vigilance is a must!

We will let you know if the public health landscape changes in a way that requires us to curtail or temporarily halt the use of this travel corridor. For now, though, we hope it provides you with some much needed flexibility. 

All best wishes,