Community Updates

Campus Operations and Business Continuity Update

Williams people, Following are your institutionally dispensed units of Covid information for this week. Here’s a quick summary for those with busy schedules and executive-gauge attention spans: Vaccination will be required for summer students on campus. International students and others returning from places where vaccines aren’t available should of course… Continue reading »

Campus Operations and Business Continuity Update

Hi everyone, As Maud mentioned in her faculty/staff email this afternoon, we’re now experiencing what some experts call “the pandemic off-ramp.” A lot of this week’s message is about the consequences of being on it during a societal traffic jam: Many folks are vaccinated while many more aren’t. Some are in… Continue reading »

Planning a return to campus work

Dear faculty and staff, Following Maud’s email, we are writing to offer information that will help prepare for transitioning back to working on campus this summer. As a reminder, offices and units whose staff are working remotely are expected to shift back to working on campus sometime between June… Continue reading »

Campus Operations and Business Continuity Update

Greetings, all, At least it isn’t snowing. I hope you’re making the most of the not-snow. (Sorry: it’s a slow news day.) Here’s the Ops stuff. It’s much of a muchness this week and doesn’t lend itself to one of those quickie bulleted lists that busy people appreciate. I’m sorry. As… Continue reading »

Week 1 Vaccination Update & Suggestions

Williams Students, Faculty and Staff, With the start of Phase 3 today, we want to provide information about vaccine registration and transportation. Please know that patience will be required. There’s exceptionally high demand at the start of Phase 3. Authorities say it will take several weeks… Continue reading »

Campus Operations and Business Continuity Update

Hi everyone, Most of today’s Ops update is about vaccination and lots of folks are eager for information, so let’s get to it. Here’s the rundown: Williams web resources on vaccination Yesterday we launched two new web pages with vaccination information, for students and for faculty and staff. Continue reading »

Vaccine Transportation Update

Good afternoon. I’m pleased to announce that the college will run frequent shuttles to two Berkshire County vaccination sites starting next Monday, April 19. The shuttles will be available to all students participating in the college’s testing protocol, as well as faculty and staff without personal transportation options. Continue reading »