Important Updates regarding Housing, Returning to Campus, and Transportation

Good Afternoon, everyone. Thank you for your patience as we’ve been working hard to get things set up for the fall semester.

You’re receiving this email because our records indicate that you intend to enroll on-campus for the fall and reside in campus student housing.

Read below for important updates regarding:

  • First-Year On-Campus Housing Plan
  • Upperclass On-Campus Housing Plan
  • Housing Applications, Assignments/Lottery/Draw
  • Signing Up for a Return-to Campus Day/Time
  • Transportation
  • Kitchens

Additionally, we’ve updated our FAQs, so be sure to look those over as well.

Questions? Let me know. Thanks.

Douglas JB Schiazza
Senior Associate Dean of Campus Life


First-Year On-Campus Housing Plan

Each first-year student coming to campus for the fall will be provided with a single-occupancy bedroom (some rooms will have two sets of furniture, as they are typically doubles – the furniture needs to remain in the room).

Housing Pods of 2-7 students (who share a designated bathroom) will be utilized.

First-year buildings include Mission Park (which consists of Armstrong, Pratt, Mills, & Dennett) the First-Year Quad (which consists of Sage & Williams), and Lehman Hall, which is situated near the Quad.

Upperclass On-Campus Housing Plan

Each sophomore, junior, & senior coming to campus for the fall will be provided with a single-occupancy bedroom (some rooms will have two sets of furniture, as they are typically doubles – the furniture needs to remain in the room). Please note – there are four large two-room doubles in Perry, which will be used to house 2 students each; each of the rooms will be furnished as a single. These two-room doubles will be set up in the Housing Portal to be taken by two people within the same pick group.

Housing Pods of 1-12 students (who will share a designated bathroom) will be utilized. A listing can be found at this link.

Upperclass buildings include the usuals, EXCEPT for Lehman Hall, which will be used for first-year students. Additionally, any Co-op rooms not taken by seniors previously or in the upcoming draw, will be available for juniors or sophomores to select.

Housing Applications, Assignments/Lottery/Draw

The Housing Portal will open today @ 1pm eastern time for first-year students for assignments, as well as for upperclass students to enter the lottery. The Portal applications will close on Sunday, July 19 @ 11:59pm eastern time.

Please note that the Portal may run slowly if a lot of students go into it at the same time, so please be patient and perhaps try back a little later if it’s running slowly at first. As long as you get your application in by Sunday, July 19 @ 11:59pm eastern time, it doesn’t matter as far as lottery numbers or placements go.

First-year students apply as individuals, and assignments will be conveyed by August 14.

Upperclass students can apply as individuals or apply in pick groups of up to 12. Lottery numbers/timeslots will be conveyed on Friday, July 31. The Room Draw will begin on Monday, August 3, and will take place Monday-Friday during eastern daytime hours through Friday, August 14.

Signing Up for a Return-to-Campus Day/Time

This year, due to quarantine & testing management needs, it is critical that students sign up for a return-to-campus day/time and stick to it. The general schedule:

  • Group One (JAs, RLTs, JAAB, pre-approved Orientation Leaders): Monday, August 24
  • Group Two (First-Year Students): Thursday, August 27, Friday, August 28, Saturday, August 29
  • Group Three (Remaining Upperclass Students): Tuesday, September 1 through Monday, September 7

There are 20-minute arrival-to-campus windows on each of these days for up to 7 students in each window to sign up. The sign-ups will be available in GLOW on Thursday, July 16 @ 12noon eastern time, based upon your eligibility.


Students looking for transportation-to-campus options similar to what Williams Transport/Motorcoach provided in past years – click here for the current draft schedule. COVID-related distancing measures will be in place. Sign-ups will be available in PeopleSoft soon.


Residential kitchens this fall will all be closed, including in Co-op buildings. The college is looking into the possibility of purchasing mini-fridges and microwaves for individual rooms. Details will follow.