Faculty and Staff Contact Information Needed

To ensure easy and rapid communication during the COVID pandemic, we need to make sure that complete and accurate contact information is available for all faculty and staff. This is important. Please check your contact information by logging in to PeopleSoft (here) and clicking through as follows:

Self-Service > Personal Information > Phone Numbers

1. The Main phone type is your primary phone number outside of work; it could be a landline or a cell phone. Please make sure that this number is correct.

2. The Mobile phone type should be entered (even if it is the same as your Main phone number) so that you can be reached while working on or off-campus. Please note that this number will be used as the first means to contact an individual regarding COVID testing, if necessary.

3. Please also enter your personal cell number as Campus Emergency Cell to receive a text or call in the case of a campus emergency. This number is used by the emergency notification system.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this request.

Office of the Dean of the Faculty