Consent forms for Williams covid testing: Please complete soon

Dear faculty, staff and students,

The Broad Institute requires that all participants in its covid testing program sign an informed consent form. The college has also created a Williams-specific consent. I write today to ask you to complete both. We’ve combined them into a single online form that you can sign electronically.

There are two versions: one tailored for faculty and staff, and the other for students. Please review, sign and submit the appropriate version at your soonest convenience.

We’ll need to receive your signed consent before you can be tested. If you’re a faculty or staff member, or a student currently on campus, you should complete the process before arriving at the testing center for your first test. If you’re a student coming to Williams after August 24, you need to submit your completed form prior to your arrival on campus.

If you arrive at the center without having completed a consent form, paper forms will be available. However, please do everything possible to complete yours before then, since completing the process on-site will slow the testing process for you and others. You’ll also have the option of leaving the line to complete the process online and reschedule your appointment.

The Broad consent (page 1 of the form) includes important information about the testing procedure and about whom the test results will be shared with; how you’ll be notified of results; which personal details will be provided to Broad; and what Broad will do with specimens they collect. It also includes a link to their fact sheet for patients, which offers additional information and clinical data.

The college’s consent (page 2 of the form) describes Williams’ commitment to protect your identifiable health information and documents your agreement to comply with testing protocols; your right to decline consent and the consequences of declining; information about continued self-monitoring; state requirements; and some details about the system that will be used to notify you of your results.

The college will keep copies of the completed forms on record, and we’ll treat them as protected information under Williams’ data classification guidelines.

Thank you for completing the forms as soon as you can, and for your patience and participation in the effort to keep Williams safe and healthy.

Fred Puddester
Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer