Campus Operations and Business Continuity Update

Williams folks,

It’s this week’s Ops update (aka “Ops, I Did It Again”).

You’ve just received Maud’s message addressing yesterday’s CDC announcement. I know you did because I sent it to you for her while she was busy actually running the college.

It’s nice to be useful once in a blue moon.

That CDC news fueled a flood of questions to our offices in the Death Star: Can I stop wearing masks in college buildings? Can I bring a thousand of my Instagram followers to the senior celebration? Can we, at long last, cough on strangers and babies again?

No, you may not. To understand why, see the aforementioned Maud-missive.

Now here’s the rest of this week’s Ops news:

Vaccination Upload Reminder

Students, please upload your proof of vaccination as soon as you’ve completed your shots, and no later than July 1.

Once you’ve been vaccinated just take a picture of your completed card, go to the Ephs Portal, select the Upload tab, and upload the image using either “Immunizations outside MD or Williams” or “COVID-19 Vaccine Documentation”—both pathways will work.

If you won’t be able to meet the July 1 deadline please contact Sue Gaskell ASAP to document your vaccine plans.

Vaccinated and Still Positive?

A quick note on vaccines and testing: The Covid vaccine greatly reduces your risk of catching Covid, but not to zero. For example, a number of vaccinated NY Yankees players and staff recently all tested positive. The good news is that if you’re vaccinated but catch it your symptoms are likely to be less severe, if you have any at all. Which puts you on a par with Gleyber Torres. Mazel tov.

So, what should you do if you’ve been vaccinated but still test positive in the college’s program? The process isn’t significantly different from any other positive result. You’ll get outreach from a contract tracer who’ll advise you on a required quarantine. Staff and faculty who test positive will be instructed to stay off campus for 10 days unless cleared by a medical professional, and will be removed from the college testing program for 90 days.

I hope this never happens and that we can all forget we even discussed it.

Motorcoach Deadlines Are Looming

Make your reservations now. Hurry! It’s a long walk from Colonie, and except for that bit in Troy there aren’t moving sidewalks.

  • Seniors returning on May 23 for the Senior Celebration need to reserve your rides by next Wednesday, May 19, at 9 p.m.
  • Students departing between Thursday, May 27, and Tuesday, June 1, need to reserve before midnight on Thursday May 20.

Change Your CoVerified Status

Students, if you won’t be on campus this summer please change your CoVerified status to “remote” as you leave campus, unless you really enjoy getting those mindless symptom check alerts every day.

You’ll save Health Services staff from wasting their time trying to figure out where the hell you are when they could be spending that time helping students who actually need medical care.

Dining’s Virtual Town Hall

As promised, Dining Services will hold a Virtual Town Hall at 5 p.m. on Friday, May 21, to share information about ongoing improvements and invite student feedback. If you care about what you eat, who makes that food for you and how they work, please join.

(Zoom info provided in the email version, omitted for web publication)

Finally, Heather Main at the test site reminded me to remind you that next week is National EMS Week. The EMTs and paramedics who work at our test site actually make it possible for us to test, which is the main reason we’ve been able to have people safely on campus this year. Please give them an extra big thanks next week for all they do for us and everyone in the northern Berkshires.

That’s all the news for this week. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: If you didn’t read it in a Williams Admin Communique™ it probably never happened.

So please imagine yourselves a lovely weekend if you can.