Community Updates

Covid Booster Clinic Announcement

Williams students, faculty and staff, We are pleased to report that the college and Berkshire Health Systems (BHS) will host a clinic for students, faculty (including emeriti) and staff wishing to get the new, bivalent Covid booster on campus. The clinic will be on Friday, October 21, from 2:00-6:00 p.m. Continue reading »

Campus Operations and Business Continuity Update

Williams, students, staff and faculty, We’d hoped not to need to send so many Covid Ops emails this fall. Apparently we’d forgotten how much students breathe on each other. Ease up, will you? Meanwhile, here are the latest campus updates on the Covid situation: Case counts Starting now, we’ll share… Continue reading »

Update to campus masking recommendation

Williams faculty, staff and students, During the first week of the term we’ve seen a significant number of Covid cases on campus. While the reported cases are mostly students with mild or asymptomatic infections, we want to limit health risks and disruption to classes, work and campus life. In order… Continue reading »

Campus Operations and Business Continuity Update

Williams students, staff and faculty, Maud and my Senior Staff colleagues and I are looking forward to welcoming the whole community back for the fall term. Arrival time isn’t that far off, either. Whether you’ll be returning from afar or never left, you’re probably wondering what to expect Covid-policy-wise. With… Continue reading »

Campus Operations and Business Continuity Update

Hi all, Here’s a sort-of-Ops-update in brief, applicable to folks on campus this summer. We don’t have a listserv just for people who are still here. So those who are off campus right now can either delete or read it, if you’re really desperate for arcane policy details. We’re unlikely to need… Continue reading »