Phase Details
Project Preparation (January 2022-January 2023) Establish project governance, charter, timeline development, vendor selection and policy and process review
Readiness (January 2023-March 2023) With implementation partner - develop functional and technical requirements to confirm scope and resource plan for conversion
Plan (April 2023-May 2023) With implementation partner - develop project and change management strategies and begin development of the Foundation Data Model
Architect and Configure (June 2023-December 2023) With implementation partner - complete future state process designs, design confirmation sessions and design/build reports and integrations
Test and Train (January 2024-April 2024) Project team conducts end-to-end testing while change management team develops and begins delivering end user training
Deploy (May 2024-June 2024) With implementation partner - project team will convert all configuration and data to production and continues to provide end user training
Support (July 2024-October 2024) Post go live hyper care with implementation partner support through July 2024
Phase 2 - HR & Finance Additional Scope (August 2024 - December 2024) Development and implementation of Financial Planning and Talent and Learning modules
Phase 3 - Workday Student (2025-2027) Workday Student readiness, development and implementation