What is the Goal?

The project aims to provide improved process design, user interface, access to data and information security through the implementation of an integrated suite of modern, cloud-based Student, Human Resources and Finance software applications and a phased replacement of PeopleSoft. The results of this project include:

  • User-friendly processes that are consistent, efficient, transparent and accessible.
  • A modern user interface that leverages computer and mobile device accessibility.
  • Better informed decision making by improved and easier access to information.
  • Improved efficiency in collaboration and reporting through a single unified system supporting Human Resources, Financial and Student data and processes.
  • Reduced institutional risk generated by outdated and unsupported on premise enterprise systems.
  • Reduction in the number of redundant third party systems used to support processes.

Who is involved?

Project Governance

The project governance includes leadership across the organization at three key levels:

Executive Leadership

Makes strategic decisions and ensures high level goals are met.

Operational Leadership

Ensures strategic goals are met, approves key decisions, provides project leadership and champions the project.

Functional Leadership

Participates in the development of solutions and requirement gathering through collaborative participation in design sessions and testing.

Project Teams

The project governance structure consists of the following groups:

Leaderhip venn diagram


The project sponsors are responsible for providing highest-level oversight of the project, including vendor selection and setting the overall project timeline.  Sponsors articulate the strategic value of the project and provide encouragement, support and resources to the project teams.

Membership includes:
Mike Wagner, VP for Finance and Operations, Treasurer
Eiko Maruko Siniawer, Provost
Safa Zaki, Dean of the Faculty
Barron Koralesky, Chief Information Officer

Leadership Committee

The leadership committee provides operational leadership and manages the project timeline.  This group is responsible for resolving risk, approving key decisions and removing barriers to empower employees and teams for broad based action.  The leadership team promotes collaboration and communication between functional areas and provides leadership in the development and execution of the project change management plan.

Membership includes:
Danielle Gonzalez, Chief Human Resources Officer
Matt Motyka, Associate VP for Finance and Operations
Kath Dunlop, Registrar
Liz Creighton, Dean of Admission and Student Financial Aid
Criss Laidlaw, Director of Administrative Information Services
Courtney Wade, Associate Provost for Analytics and Institutional Research
Chris Winters, Associate Provost
Deb Chaulk, Associate VP of Advancement Operations
Jessie Mandel, Director of Project and Change Management (Chair)

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Working Group

The SME group includes broad representation of operational organizations across the college.  This group is responsible for representing the needs and perspectives of the campus community regarding processes and systems.  Members serve as team lead for their respective stakeholder group and regularly attend working sessions with functional stakeholders and vendors to provide feedback on the design and testing of new business processes. Members support the change management effort as “change champions” to help prepare the campus community for change.  Subject matter experts engage with the campus community through formal and informal means to share information and support training and education.

Membership includes:
Simone Anderson, Assistant Director for HRIS and Data Analytics
TBD, Director, Financial Planning and Treasury Management
Valerie Myers, Controller
Alan Hatton, Senior Associate Registrar
Ashley Bianchi, Director Student Financial Services
Meike Kaan, Associate VP for Communications
Rachel Bukanc, Senior Associate Dean of Students
Gerrit Blauvelt, Faculty Information Systems Analyst
Courtney Wade, Associate Provost for Analytics and Institutional Research
Karan Tiwari, Business Information Analyst
Margaret Koperniak, Senior Project Manager
Gregg Jenczyk, Application Programmer/Analyst
Krystal Castagna, Business Information Analyst

Stakeholder Groups

Stakeholders represent specific operational units and/or employee types and are engaged throughout the project.  This group is leveraged to ensure the unique needs of the community are heard and represented throughout the life cycle of the project including requirements gathering, design sessions, testing and development of training.  Members provide guidance to the SME Working Group and collaborate when needed.