What does "change management" mean?

Change management was the theme for this month’s P.A.G presentation. Danielle Gonzalez and Jessie Mandel talked through the Williams/Workday change management strategy, highlighting the tools and methods we’re using to introduce policy and process changes to the Williams community.

Danielle and Jessie walked through an abridged version of the Guiding Principles that have been part of the COW project since before we selected Workday as our new system. In particular, they stressed that we are not changing policies because of Workday, but rather because of the opportunities Workday presents to us.

The nature of implementation work allows us to do a few things:

  1. Utilize modern best practices wherever possible.
  2. Apply consistency across populations.
  3. Improve compliance with various regulations and laws.

Jessie and Danielle also talked about some of the change management formats we’re using with the community.

Key modalities included:

  • this project website
  • the HERD network
  • Workday Wednesdays
  • Community Preview Sessions
  • Departmental invitations to standing staff meetings
  • One-on-ones
  • Stakeholder roadshows
  • Stakeholder surveys

They concluded by looking forward at the next few months.

  • Training is coming! It will start at the end of April.
  • Ask questions! The feedback form is open and available 24/7.
  • Keep an open mind! Change is hard. Patience and willingness to try something new are integral to the learning curve that comes with Workday.