Strengthening Connections: A Collaborative Site Visit with Huron

We recently had the privilege of hosting a productive three-day site visit with our implementation partner Huron, as part of our Collaboratively Optimizing Williams project. The visit presented us with valuable opportunities to forge connections and deepen collaboration between and within our organizations. Key leaders and project team members from Human Resources, Finance, and OIT participated in informative sessions, breakout discussions, and targeted training, allowing us to maximize our potential for connection and drive the success of our Workday implementation.

Our time together provided a platform for collaborative discussions, enabling us to address specific challenges and foster connections between project teams and stakeholders.

This site visit also marked an important milestone for our Collaboratively Optimizing Williams project as we transitioned from the Readiness to Plan phase of the project.   We are excited to leverage the connections and knowledge gained through the site visit as we move forward into the next phases of the project!