Feature Stories

Re-imagining Voice

Choral director Brad Wells' ensemble Roomful of Teeth brings renowned artists and composers from all over the world to the Berkshires to create brand new sounds together. Continue reading »

Room to Learn

When vast amounts of human scholarship are as close as the nearest smartphone, what's the future for libraries at Williams? Continue reading »

Function and Form

Calligraphy with Scarlett Jang

Students learn the history of Chinese calligraphy and then try their hands at recreating the art form in professor Ju-Yu Scarlett Jang's art history class. Continue reading »

Claiming Power With Art

Photograph of Asco, Spray Paint LACMA (East Bridge), 1972, color photograph by Harry Gamboa Jr. Courtesy of the artist. Copyright Asco; photograph copyright 1972 Harry Gamboa Jr.

A college museum exhibition, featuring the performance and conceptual art group Asco, explores how four young artists understood and responded to turbulent times. Continue reading »