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On the Trail to Art

Trail art by Brian Cole

On the Trail to Art, a blog created by Brian Cole '11, details a two-week landscape art trip in the Marble Mountain Wilderness of Northern California. Landscape art requires the artist's direct engagement with nature and native materials. Continue reading »

American Immigration History

Statue of Liberty

Professor Scott Wong wants his students to understand that there is much more to the immigration conversation than what appears in the media. It has long been intricately woven into any discussion of what it means to be American. Continue reading »

Students Explore Math’s Mysteries

Sherlock Holmes silhouette

For Frank Morgan, the best part of the Clay Institute prizes isn’t the money; it’s that the Clay challenge showcases what high-level math is all about — creativity, exploration, and human ingenuity in the face of the unknown. Continue reading »

Food for Thought


Before farmers’ markets, organic agriculture and seasonal produce became mainstream in America, two Williams alumni — Barry Benepe ’50 and Kathleen Merrigan ’82 — set out to change the way consumers shop for food. Continue reading »