Feature Stories

Pregnancy and birth in the era of Covid-19

In an essay called “Pregnancy, Birth and the Covid-19 Pandemic in the United States” published in May 2020 in the journal Medical Anthropology: Cross-Cultural Studies in Health and Illness, Kim Gutschow, Williams lecturer in religion and anthropology/sociology, along with Robbie Davis-Floyd, senior research fellow in the department of anthropology… Continue reading »

The Beauty of Blue Tape and String

A photo detail of a sculpture made from blue table and a wooden chair.

Piece by Josiel Aponte ’21 The focus of Amy Podmore’s Sculpture class this spring was, according to the course description, “the development of technical and analytical skills as they relate to the interplay of form, content and materials.” Podmore expected to teach her 10 students about, for instance, woodworking… Continue reading »

Understanding Anxiety

A photo of Lynn Gerwig Lyons

Psychotherapist Lynn Gerwig Lyons ’87 has been in private practice for 28 years, specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders in children and families. An author and public speaker, she discusses with her audiences the subject of anxiety, its role in families and the need for a preventive approach. Lyons… Continue reading »

Forged in Fire

A photo of Jordan Lamothe working near an open fire to create his wares.

Jordan LaMothe ’17 has loved making tools since he was a kid and his artist parents relocated from an urban setting to a 96-acre farm in upstate New York. They wanted more room to make their art, but for nine-year-old Jordan, the farm was “a fascinating place filled with… Continue reading »

Writing from Melancholy

Cover of Suiyi Tang book

Writing from what she calls “a place of melancholy,” Suiyi Tang ’20 spent the year after her sophomore year at Williams writing and traveling abroad on a Robert G. Wilmers Jr. 1990 Memorial Student Travel Abroad Fellowship. The result—American Symphony: Other White Lies, her debut novel—was published by Civil Coping… Continue reading »

Innovating Change

Photo of alumnus Dan Wohl standing outside a Tesla building

As an economics and history major, Dan Wohl ’15 didn’t always expect to go into a career in sustainability, but a summer internship at Goldman Sachs changed that. He worked on a fund investing in energy infrastructure and came back to Williams eager to learn more. He took a winter… Continue reading »

A Genuine Storyteller

Portrait of Frank Doelger from the Class of 1975

When Frank Doelger ’75—best known for his work on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones—was a young TV executive, something deceptively simple changed his life. He snapped at a sales woman. “I was with a good friend who asked, ‘Is this what you’re going to be like from… Continue reading »

Mountain Day 2019

A photo of a group of students posing for a photo.

On Friday, October 11, the Williams community woke to an email from President Mandel canceling classes and declaring the day Mountain Day! Check out photos and a video from the annual tradition!      … Continue reading »