Feature Stories

Together at Williams

Check out our photo collection documenting the start of the academic year. We’ll be adding more as more students return to campus and classes begin! You can also watch this time-lapse video of the Class of 2025, gathered together for the first time to take their class photo—safely masked,… Continue reading »

Unearthing History

Photo of Williams student Ashlyn Oh.

By Greg Shook On a sweltering day in August, Ashlyn Oh ’23 combed through a freshly poured bucket of loosely packed dirt, searching for clues that might increase understanding and awareness of the 1783 Ox Roast, an event significant to both Mohican and American history that took place… Continue reading »

Chris Clarey ’86 on Roger Federer

Photograph of Roger Federer playing tennis

Having covered international sports for nearly 30 years, Chris Clarey ’86 has published a biography of renowned tennis player Roger Federer. In his new book titled The Master: The Long Run and Beautiful Game of Roger Federer, Clarey, a New York Times… Continue reading »

Helping Kenyan Widows to Thrive

Photograph of women involved with Nyanam International, an organization founded by Jackline Odhiambo, Williams Class of 2013

By Julia Munemo When Jackline Odhiambo ’13 first flew from her home in Kenya to the U.S.—to enroll at Williams—she prayed from her airplane seat that the work she would do in college would make her mother proud. “As the child of a widowed woman, I saw how much she… Continue reading »

Stories that Connect

Part of a page from the graphic novel Himawari House, due out in October 2021

By Regina Velázquez It sounds like a panel from a comic book hero’s story: One moment in time changed everything for Kiara Valdez ’16. It was 2015, the summer before she graduated from Williams, and an editor placed a copy of In Real Life in Valdez’s hands during an informational… Continue reading »

Joey Lye ’09, Bronze Medalist, on Williams

Joey Lye, Williams Class of 2009, in an official Team Canada Softball photo, slides onto a base

Joey Lye ’09 helped Team Canada Softball to capture the Bronze Medal on July 27 at the Tokyo Olympics. With the 3-2 win over Mexico, Lye became the first Williams athlete to medal since Leslie Milne ’79 won bronze in field hockey in 1980. Lye has been a member of… Continue reading »

A Classical Uprising

Headshot of Classical Uprising founder and conductor Emily Isaacson.

By Kate Abbott   Emily Isaacson ’04 remembers attending classical concerts as a teenager, feeling the music viscerally, connecting with the sound. The music was exciting, passionate—it made her want to move her body. It let her tap into feelings she could not put into words. Yet there was a… Continue reading »

Connected to Learning

Rebecca Haile with a student from The Haile-Manas Academy in Ethiopia.

By Regina Velázquez   Forty-five years after fleeing Ethiopia with her family, Rebecca Haile ’86 has founded a co-ed boarding school there aimed at re-envisioning high school education—and her homeland’s future. The Haile-Manas Academy (HMA) opened its doors in January to an inaugural class of 35 ninth-graders. Named for Haile… Continue reading »

The Show Goes On

Students in the Sound and Sculpture courses at the Clark Art Institute in October

“For most students, music is a source of escape from the stress of pandemic life on campus.” So says Ed Gollin, chair and professor of music, whose department, like many in the performing and visual arts, found creative ways to connect students with audiences at a time when venues were… Continue reading »

Creating Options and Opportunities

Tafara Makaza '22 in his room in Morgan Hall.

By Regina Velázquez   Even with his feet solidly on the ground in Williamstown, Tafara Makaza ’22 is helping to improve economic opportunities in his home country of Zimbabwe, inspired by the technology that’s a part of many students’ everyday lives. In just a few short years—and mostly from his… Continue reading »