These student profiles showcase the impact alumni and parent contributions have on the current students of the college.

Want to write your own profile? Profiles should include your name and class year and a brief (250-300 word) description of your experiences while at Williams. Profiles should thank Eph Alumni for their support, but the exact format is up to you! Send completed profiles to Laura Day in the Alumni Fund office.

Theresa Morley-McLaughlin ’21

My name is Theresa Morley-McLaughlin, and I am a member of the Class of 2021. I am planning to major in biology and chemistry with a concentration in either neuroscience or public health. I am also interested in taking a variety of psychology, computer science, French, and… Continue reading »

Kimberly Hadaway ’21

Thank you! These two words cannot fully express the extent of my gratitude towards you and your wonderful gift to Williams. Traveling from Dallas, Georgia, I visited Williams during the fall of my senior year of high school. Within minutes of stepping onto Williams’ campus, I fell in… Continue reading »

Wilson Lam ’21

It is crucial to notice and be grateful for the things we have in life. As such, I would like to offer my sincere thanks for your unending support of Williams. My name is Wilson Lam, Class of 2021. Hailing from Hong Kong, making the decision to come… Continue reading »

Hayden Gillooly ’21

December 9, 2017. 6:06 p.m. I checked my email, anxiously. I read the word “congratulations” and burst into tears of joy. A moment of pure, overwhelming joy. A dream becoming reality. Words cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am for your generous contribution to the Alumni… Continue reading »

Drew Cohen ’20

All of us at Williams are so thankful for your support of our education and engagement in our community through your donations: we couldn’t do it without you! My name is Drew Cohen, Class of 2020, and I am, though undeclared as of right now, a prospective… Continue reading »

Breelyn Karno ’20

Thank you. These words seem somewhat inadequate to express the depth of gratitude that I owe you, but I hope they will suffice. My name is Breelyn Karno. I hail from a small town in rural Wisconsin where we have more cows and corn than people. Without you,… Continue reading »

Cameron Helm ’18

Greetings from Williamstown! My name is Cameron Helm. I am a member of the awesome Class of 2018, and I want to extend my thanks for your generous contribution to the Alumni Fund. Your generosity is far-reaching and much appreciated, as it will not only help those like… Continue reading »

Kevin Coakley ’20

Hi! My name is Kevin Coakley, and I am a member of the Class of 2020. Thank you so much for contributing to the Alumni Fund. Know that, by donating, you are allowing all current and future students to enjoy the fantastic experience that Williams provides, one… Continue reading »

Lindsey Vandergrift ’16

Gratitude comes in various forms, and I hope that the simple but heartfelt words “thank you” can convey how important your support of Williams has been. My name is Lindsey Vandergrift, and I am a chemistry major in… Continue reading »

Jack Greenberg ’18

Williams distinguishes itself from other elite colleges and universities by manifesting everyday the values upon which the college was founded and continues to hold dear. “Liberal arts,” for us, is not a platitude that serves a convenient purpose in our rhetoric but is a means of organizing our… Continue reading »

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