Public Health

Students with an interest in public health will pursue career interests with a combination of on-the-job training, academic work in public health, and/or a medical degree.

Masters and Doctoral degrees in public health are granted by a number of universities in the US. Masters degrees are generally earned with two, three, or four semesters of work. This site has links to all accredited schools of public health in the United States.

Admission requirements vary from school to school, and also on the basis of specific training interests. When applying to public health school, students often choose an area of focus, such as international health, maternal health, health policy, infectious disease epidemiology, or environmental health. Prerequisites at a particular school may well tie to the specific area of study. In all cases, a background in mathematics (calculus and statistics) and a certain foundation in life science are likely required. Many schools will not accept students straight out of college; they require a certain amount of job experience as a prerequisite to admission. There is a centralized application process to apply to schools of public health, SOPHAS.

For more information about paths and programs, please meet with the advisor and visit here.