Sara Sánchez Alarcón ’23.5

Sara Sanchez Alarcon working.

Resilience, Inc., Tampa, FL This summer I had the opportunity to try my hand at working with Resilience Inc., a medium-sized nonprofit that focuses on providing K-12 schools their social emotional learning curriculum and tools. Their aim is to develop students’ mindfulness in their mental health in the hopes of… Continue reading »

TJ Watkins ’23

TJ Watkins at work.

TREE Foundation, Mission Green, Sarasota, FL This summer was my second summer spent with Mission Green, part of the TREE Foundation, with a goal to complete 10 tree canopy walkways in endangered forests around the world using $10 million in funding over the next 10 years. To increase focus on… Continue reading »

Schuyler Colfax ’25

Schuyler Colfax in the office.

Office of Texas State Senator Judith Zaffirini, Austin, TX I spent this summer working as an intern in the Texas Senate for Senator Judith Zaffirini (D-Laredo). The senator’s district stretches hundreds of miles from Austin, my hometown, to border communities along the Rio Grande, like Laredo. Senator Zaffirini has represented… Continue reading »

Solomon Pacifico Scholl ’24

Solomon Pacifico Scholl at the office.

Law Offices of Diamond Litty, 19th Judicial Circuit Public Defender, Stuart, FL This summer I interned at the Martin County office of Florida’s 19th Circuit Public Defender. I worked directly under the office’s only misdemeanor attorney, which gave me the chance to handle every misdemeanor case in Martin County for… Continue reading »

Andrew Chong ’25

Andrew Chong shows laptop.

StandardDAO, Georgetown, KY StandardDAO is a global treasury that is managed by a decentralized community. The treasury is backed by real-world assets represented on the blockchain by StandardDAO’s own token. Standard uses this treasury to fund “community-led ESG investing mandates” worldwide. My research at Standard buttressed their mission and allowed… Continue reading »

Luke Chinman ’25

Luke Chinman working.

Luxe Interiors + Design, Boca Raton, FL I spent this summer interning at Luxe Interiors + Design, an architecture and design publication under the SANDOW Design Group (SDG). Luxe is both a print and digital magazine with a target audience of individuals seeking upscale home inspiration and looking to connect… Continue reading »

Gracie Guidotti ’23

RightGift, Austin, TX During my time working at RightGift, I worked on a number of projects including generating a sustainability analysis of the company, creating and maintaining relationships with suppliers, and developing a social media marketing plan. Although I was formally a supply chain management intern, I was able to… Continue reading »

TJ Watkins ’23

Mission Green, Sarasota, FL During the summer, I worked for Mission Green which is a part of the TREE Foundation. Mission Green’s goal is to complete ten tree canopy walkways in endangered forests around the world using ten million dollars in funding over the next ten years. To increase focus… Continue reading »

Minh-Huy Le ’24

Institute for Human & Machine Cognition, Pensacola, FL This past summer, I was given the opportunity to serve as a Data Visualizations Intern at the Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC). My work focused on utilizing the ShaderToy tool to create scenes consisting of interactive 3D graphics. I worked… Continue reading »

Solomon Pacifico Scholl ’24

Florida State Alliance of YMCAs, St. Petersburg, FL Working with the Florida Alliance of YMCAs as their Policy Intern taught me many things about Florida policy and about myself. The Alliance is a nonprofit organization that represents Florida Ys. It bolsters their support for Healthy Living, Youth Development, and Social… Continue reading »

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