Sofia Giumarro ’24

Sofia Giumarro working on a mockup of a top.

Adam Lippes, New York, NY Adam Lippes is a luxury fashion company. There are many steps that go into transforming a garment or a collection from an idea to something on the rack at a store. The production and product development team is responsible for most of this process. The… Continue reading »

Zoe Hoffmann Kamrat ’25

Zoe Hoffmann Kamrat working on code.

Boston University School of Medicine, Center for Regenerative Medicine, Boston, MA The Center for Regenerative Medicine (CReM), a department of the Boston University (BU) School of Medicine, is a collaborative unit composed of seven labs. This summer, I worked under Dr. Angie Serrano, conducting an independent bioinformatic analysis research project… Continue reading »

Jaeeun Lee ’24

Jaeeun Lee outside the hospital.

Boston Children’s Hospital, Loddenkemper Lab, Boston, MA I had the opportunity this summer to work at Boston Children’s Hospital as a pediatric epilepsy research intern in the neurology department. I worked alongside a team of seven other interns and several other members of the Loddenkemper Lab such as the post-doctoral… Continue reading »

Minxin Li ’25

Minxin Li in the farm washroom.

Full Well Farm, Adams, MA This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to explore what it truly means to be “farm to table.” My summer internship was on Full Well Farm in nearby Adams. Full Well is an organic no-till farm that is LGBTQ+ inclusive, completely women-run and owned by… Continue reading »

Jennifer Canovas ’22.5

Jennifer Canovas in a virtual meeting.

Pittsfield Public Schools, Pittsfield, MA During my first interview with a Pittsfield Public School system employee, I learned that local schools do not have a unified social studies curriculum. Essentially, up until this point teachers were struggling to provide students the content necessary to meet the Massachusetts social studies standards. Continue reading »

Jennifer Philistin ’24

Jennifer Philistin working.

Berkshire NAACP, Pittsfield, MA This summer, I had the opportunity to intern with Berkshire County’s chapter of the NAACP. I worked with Dr. Jones-Sneed who is the chair of the education committee and a lead consultant for the Black Berkshire Oral History Initiative—the project that we worked on for the… Continue reading »

Julia Friedberg ’23

Julia Friedberg working on a presentation.

Hoosac Valley Regional School District, Cheshire, MA This summer, I interned remotely at Hoosac Valley Regional School District, a public, high-needs district that spans K-12, with nearly half of the students qualifying for IEP plans or other accommodations. My position was to assist the district administration—many of whom were brand… Continue reading »

Lucy Grossbard ’23

Lucy Grossbard working remotely.

Yeshiva University, Attachment & Psychotherapy Process Lab, New York, NY This summer, I worked as a research assistant at the Attachment & Psychotherapy Process Lab, led by Dr. Jordan Bate ’06, Professor of Psychology at the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology at Yeshiva University. Dr. Bate’s lab is in the… Continue reading »

Amy Lemuz-Guerra ’24

Amy Lemuz-Guerra working.

Pittsfield Public Schools, Pittsfield, MA Pittsfield Public Schools are a Title-1 school district that serves high-need communities. Their mission is to improve their ELA and social studies curriculum so that they may focus more on cultural diversity and social justice. The district believes that their current education system should discontinue… Continue reading »

Ella Napack ’23

Ella Napack on the way to an event.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, NY This summer, I interned at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle in Brooklyn, N.Y. The newspaper is available both in print and digitally, with a daily digital newsletter sent out as well. I was an editorial intern, but my responsibilities ranged from article writing and covering events,… Continue reading »