Recruiting Program Policies: Students

The ’68 Center for Career Exploration maintains an open and inclusive recruiting program and requires participating students to abide by the following policies. We uphold professional standards for recruiting activities and student “no shows” for interviews, accepting multiple offers, and not communicating with ’68 staff reflects unprofessionally on the college and may ultimately jeopardize future students’ opportunities. Students who are unable to comply with the following policies should contact the ’68 Center immediately.

  • All documents uploaded and submitted through Handshake, including but not limited to applications, resumes, cover letters, transcripts, writing samples, and test scores, must be truthful and unaltered.

    If a company or organization contacts the ’68 Center for Career Exploration and reports any occurrence of an untruthful statement or tampering with a document, the student will be referred immediately to the Dean’s Office. Companies and organizations have the right to rescind offers of employment in such instances.
  • Students must make every attempt to keep scheduled meetings with employers and/or alumni. If you do need to cancel or reschedule interviews and mock interviews with employers and/or alumni you must do so directly with the employer/alumni at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment, in addition to calling (413.597.2311) or emailing ’68 Center for Career Exploration staff ([email protected]).
  • If a student registers to attend an employer information session or any other event that is part of the Recruiting Program, it is required that the student attend the event.
  • Once a student accepts a job or internship offer, either verbally or in writing, it is BINDING. Please contact the ’68 Center for Career Exploration to report the offer acceptance, and drop/cancel all other upcoming applications and recruiting-related interviews.
  • Due to the vast volume of internship and job postings on Handshake, the ’68 Center for Career Exploration simply cannot conduct due diligence on every posting and therefore neither endorses nor makes any claims about the accuracy of the employers or their postings. Students should treat Handshake with the same caution given to any job database such as or We strongly encourage students to contact the ’68 Center for Career Exploration if they are aware of misinformation or inaccuracies within Handshake, including employer recommendations, which we will make every effort to correct. Furthermore, the ’68 Center for Career Exploration is not responsible for any employment decisions, including rescinded offers, made by organizations that recruit Williams students.
  • Williams College Handshake accepts postings from employers whose desired qualifications match those of our students. We do not discriminate based on the ideology or political orientation of either employers or candidates.
  • Williams College Handshake accepts recruitment messages from employers of diverse ideologies and political viewpoints. We believe it is essential to allow students to explore career opportunities for themselves and make decisions based on their interests and beliefs.

Failure to abide by these policies may result in suspension from Handshake and removal from the Recruiting Program. For students who are suspended from Handshake and/or the Recruiting Program, reinstatement will be at the discretion of the ’68 Center for Career Exploration staff. 

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