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Our Advisors and Career Communities: 

Our virtual career communities are inclusive knowledge sharing spaces organized by industry, not major, to enable you to apply your skills, interests and values to diverse fields. Students are encouraged to sample multiple career communities to help explore potential post-Williams paths. Career community advisors facilitate your career preparation process, helping you to navigate resources, and connecting you to industry experts and opportunities for exploration. Through these communities and the support of the ‘68 Center staff, students may cultivate a team consisting of alumni mentors, employers, faculty, and peers. 

If you are making your first appointment with the ’68 Center or aren’t sure where your career community interests lie, please make a “Getting Started” appointment.

Current students may schedule a 30-minute appointment to get started. You can can schedule an appointment at any time through Handshake. This video shows you how to make an appointment based on our categories in Handshake.


Getting Started

Students getting started on career exploration and those not quite sure how to get started… Learn more. 

International Students… Learn more.

Janine OliverAdvisor: Janine Oliver, Director of Career Education

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Arts, Communications & Entertainment 

Advertising, Media, Public Relations, Marketing, Graphic Design, Music Production, Fine Arts, Fashion, Performing Arts/Entertainment, Film, Journalism, Publishing. Learn more »


Consulting, Finance, Sales, Insurance, Real Estate, Human Resources, Sports. Learn more »

Robin Meyer Headshot


Advisor: Robin Meyer, Associate Director/Director of Business, Finance & Consulting


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Careers with Social Impact (CSI) & Education

Environment & Sustainability, Government & Public Policy, Law, NGOs (non Government organizations), Nonprofits & Social Justice, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Finance, Relief/Humanitarian Organizations. Learn more »

Private & Public Schools, Higher Education, Education Research and Policy… Learn more.

Advisor: Alexa Icenia, Associate Director, Director for Inclusive Career Exploration


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Entrepreneurship & Start-Ups

Start-Ups, Entrepreneurship. Learn more »

Sciences & Health Professions

Health Professions, Sciences. Learn more »

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) 

Dale Osef HeadshotAdvisor:Dale Osef, Assistant Director of STEM and Health Careers


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