Q: General Questions?
Email [email protected] for general questions and inquiries.

Q: Do I need to major in science if I want to apply to a health professions school?
No. Medical schools look for applicants who are broadly educated in the humanities as well as the sciences.

Q: Can I apply as an alum and still get support from Williams?
Yes. The majority of applicants in each application cycle are alumni. Know the application timeline starts every January and last 18 months until matriculation to medical school. 

Q: I want to study abroad.  Can I do this as a pre-med?
Yes, of course. Your future professional school application is enhanced by a study abroad program in which you have studied a language intensively or experienced life in another culture. 

Q: In the past, what medical schools have our students frequently attended?
A: Williams applicants experience tremendous success in gaining acceptance to numerous medical schools in the United States. In the 2023 application cycle, Ephs matriculated to Harvard, Stanford, NYU Grossman SOM, Washington University in St. Louis, Perelman School of Medicine at Penn, Duke, Boston University, Northwestern University, University of Michigan, Emory, University of Texas Southwestern, Case Western, University of North Carolina, University of Southern California, Brown University, Tufts, and University of Massachusetts Chandler among others.

Q: I am an undocumented or DACA student.  Will I be able to attend medical school in the U.S.?
Yes. The AAMC supports DACA students as future professionals who will diversify the healthcare workforce. Most medical schools do not consider DACA status in admissions, but financial aid policies are often widely dissimilar. Because DACA students are not eligible for federal loans, many schools are limited in the amount of funding awarded to these students.

Q: Does Williams support international applicants?
Yes, international students are supported by the Williams Health Professions Committee in their application to U.S. and Canadian medical schools. However, funding for international applicants is severely limited, and many medical schools require proof of funds in an escrow account before acceptance.