AACOMAS Application Guide

Please use the most recent AACOMAS applicant guide to navigate through the application process.  There are many useful tutorials and information that will help answer your questions. Williams-specific information may be found in the FAQ section of the website.

  • Advisor Release

    • After you enter the name of every school that you have attended, note that there is an "Advisor Release" paragraph to which you can select YES if you wish to release your application information to your school's designated advisor.
  • Transcript 

    • Transcript request forms may need to be completed for every school that you list.
    • TRANSCRIPTS (AACOMAS): Download the Transcript Request Form(s) as you complete the "Colleges Attended" section. Follow the Registrar's instructions for requesting your transcript.

    Standardized Tests

    • When you receive your MCAT scores (about 4 weeks after your test date), you will need to send your scores to AACOMAS.  Log into your MCAT score report and select AACOMAS from the list of centralized application services.  You will need to include your applicant ID # and you will need to self report your MCAT scores in AACOMAS.  Find more information about this see the AACOMAS applicant instructions.
    • Include future test dates and keep this section updated.

    Transcript Entry

  • Committee Letter

    Williams will provide a Committee Letter for your application to medical school.  Please add Sharon Gonzales's information under the Evaluators Information section of the application.

    • Committee letters are submitted throughout the summer. More information and instructions will be provided throughout the application cycle.

*Sourced by AACOMAS Application Guide [source:https://www.williams.edu/career-center/files/Completing-the-AACOMAS-Application.pdf]