Application Process


All graduate professional schools use electronic application services as shown below.

These application services permit you to apply easily to multiple schools. Each school typically requests that you complete a secondary application as well, which might ask you to explain your interest in their particular program and pay a fee. Note that Texas has a separate system for medical and dental schools (TMDSAS) as does Ontario (OMSAS) in Canada.

The graduate schools receive transcript information from each of these application services, not from your undergraduate schools. Williams uses the National Student Clearinghouse. Order your official transcript at Please use this quick visual guide when filling out the form. You should attach the “Transcript Request Form” generated by each application service to the request. (See instructions below.)

*Dates are listed for students interested in applying for 2024 matriculation to medical or dental school and plan to go through the Health Professions Committee (HPC) Process. NOTE: Veterinary school applicants do not need a committee letter, and letters of evaluation are uploaded directly into VMCAS. But all veterinary school applicants should meet with an advisor to discuss the unique veterinary school application process.

    • View the 2025 application cycle presentation via Zoom or request recording.
    • Review MCAT/DAT/GRE schedules to plan your testing date. 
    • Start revising your resume.
    • Research Schools and start preparing your school list
  • If you plan to apply to ANY professional school in health professions (MD, DO, PA, DVM, DMD, etc.) for the 2024/25 application cycle, please submit this quick intent to apply form by November 17. (If you missed the deadline - reach out to [email protected] for support.)

    • Begin formulating your list of letter-writers and begin reaching out to prospective contacts.
    • Begin working on your Committee Review Materials
    • Request letters of recommendation from professors, supervisors, physicians, and others who have worked with you. You should have 3-5 evaluators and two of them should be science faculty. Letters will be submitted directly to the Williams Health Professions Committee via AirTable. Instructions on submission will be given to you. 
    • Submit at least two letters by Feb. 15, 2024. (the remaining letters may be submitted by May 1, 2024.)
    • Request unofficial transcripts from any institution at which you have taken courses (e.g., summer or study abroad). These transcripts are for the Health Professions Committee to be uploaded to Airtable. You will also request official transcripts as a part of the official application process through the professional school common application systems.
  • Schedule your HPC Interview. Scheduled on a first come basis via Handshake.

  • Submit the following HPC Review Application Materials:

    • Complete the HPC-Self-Assessment-Form (Sent to all by November 20)
    • Upload your resume to Airtable
    • Submit your Biographical Report
    • Submit at least 2 letters of recommendation (out of a total of 3-6 to be submitted)
    • Calculate your cumulative and science GPAs on your HPC-Biographical-Report.  Refer to this What’s Science document for helpful hints and the GPA Calculator.
  • HPC Review interviews.

  • Finalize personal statement and prepare for opening of Applications: OPENS near MAY 1.

    MAY 31, 2024 is the final deadline to submit any updated materials to the Health Professions Committee.

  • Early - Mid-June 2024: Target date range to submit your primary application(s) to AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, etc. (Strongly Recommend by June 15, no later than the end of June) NOTE: If applications are not submitted by August 1, a committee letter will not be submitted and we will advise deferring your application to the next cycle. 

    Committee letters are submitted throughout the summer. They will be written in the order in which verified applications are submitted to the Health Professions Committee. 

    July 2024- September 2024: You’ll receive and complete secondary applications

    August 2024 - March 2025: Admissions interviews: Admissions decisions can be received throughout the cycle and will be complete by spring 2025.

  • You may opt to submit an application update. Closely follow each school’s rules for engagement. While some schools welcome updates, some have restrictions.

  • If you are pending a decision or are on a waitlist from your top school - you may opt to send a letter of intent to this one school. Letters of intent are a method of demonstrating strong interest and are intended to be sent only to a single school that you plan to accept if offered. 

  • Matriculate to a health professions program if an acceptance is received.


Contact Info:

Director of Health Professions Advising, Associate Director of the ‘68 Center

[email protected]