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Journalism Graduate School

Williams College Alumni with various majors and career backgrounds are successful in both print and broadcast journalism. Some alumni acquired practical experience in journalism while attending Williams. Other alumni transitioned into journalism from other career fields. Another smaller group of alumni chose to enroll into a journalism graduate school program.

You will find people with various opinions about whether you should or should not go to journalism grad school. It is important to know that in order to get a job in journalism, you do not need to have an undergraduate major in journalism or a graduate degree in journalism. However, since the job market in journalism is extremely competitive, students without any experience in print or broadcast journalism may want to consider this option.

The journalism graduate school curriculum can be a one or two year program. Various graduate schools offer concentrations in print or broadcast journalism. While attending graduate school, you will get practical experience in an area of expertise. If a capstone project is required, you will be applying your academic knowledge and you practical experience to a professional project. Most journalism professors currently work or previously worked in the field of journalism. When you graduate, you will have journalism connections with your professors, journalism internship supervisors, and fellow classmates.

Here are some top Journalism Graduate School Programs