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The Williams College Career Center provides credential services using Interfolio, Inc., an online service. All administration is handled through Interfolio, which is a web-based, confidential, credential file management service. Eligibility is limited to Williams students and alumni. Please note that the Office of Career Counseling no longer accepts credential letters. Please see the section on Submitting Letters of Recommendation.

Who Needs Interfolio?

  • An advanced degree candidate to send academic credentials to search committees or other hiring institutions
  • A faculty member to send a letter of recommendation on behalf of a Williams student or alumna/us
  • A teacher to apply for a teaching position
  • An undergraduate to build a recommendation file from faculty
  • An undergraduate to send application materials to graduate and professional schools or hiring institutions

What Your Account Provides

  • 24 hour access: The Interfolio system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world so you can manage your job search when and where you want.
  • Self managed files: With Interfolio you have control of your portfolio. You don’t have to rely on others to make decisions about what documents are delivered on your behalf.
  • Jobs at The Chronicle of Higher Education: Interfolio delivers documents both electronically and on paper, so you can send your portfolio to any institution in the world. Additionally, Interfolio has a partnership with the Chronicle of Higher Education that lets you “Apply Online” to every position listed on The Chronicle of Higher Education Career Network.
  • One package delivery: Interfolio allows you to put all the documents you need to apply for a position in one package.
  • Targeted, customized deliveries: You can specify a unique set of documents for each delivery. You can specify the order in which your materials are packaged so your credential file is powerful and persuasive.
  • Low Cost: Because you only send one request to each position, it’s cheaper to send a 30 page delivery through Interfolio than to go to Kinko’s and the US Post Office. The maintenance fee for a 1-year account is $19, a 3-year account is $39.90, and a 5-year account is $57.
  • Fast Delivery: Interfolio sends every delivery within one business day of your request. If you need to meet a deadline, they can send express deliveries the same day (as long as you make the request by 2 PM ET). The fee to electronically send out a file is $4. The fee to mail a file starts at $6.

Contents of Credential Files

Interfolio’s internet service allows you to build a complete file of all your credentials where you can store any of your life’s work in a secure system:

  • Confidential letters of recommendation
  • Curriculum Vitae(CV)/resumes
  • Writing samples
  • Dissertation abstract
  • Supervising teacher evaluation
  • Student & peer evaluations
  • Transcripts – from all of your degrees
  • Anything else that you need to complete your search.

Creating a New Interfolio Account

Creating a new account is easy. The annual account set-up and maintenance fee of $19 is required.

Click HERE to sign up.

Problems? Contact Interfolio:

Via Web:
Toll Free: 877-773-6546

Submitting Letters of Recommendation via Interfolio

Letters of recommendation may be submitted electronically, using the web address below and the document ID assigned by Interfolio to the recommendation writer. Document IDs are at the bottom of the form you received from the person who asked you to write a recommendation. Document IDs can also be obtained from [email protected] or by calling an Interfolio customer service representative at 1-877-77-FOLIO (36546).

Mailing Address for All Mail Deliveries and Other Correspondence is:

Interfolio, Inc.
Expedited Processing Center
1900 L Street NW
Suite #603
Washington, DC 20036

Customer Service for Recommendation Writers

Interfolio’s section for writers at provides clear directions, but should you have questions about submitting a letter to a student/alumna/us Interfolio account, please contact Interfolio Customer Service:
By phone toll free: (877) 77-FOLIO (36546)
Phone: (202) 223-3358
Fax: (267) 295-8740

Choosing Alternatives to Transfer Credential Files

Current credential file holders who are no longer seeking employment, applying to graduate school, or wish to use a credential management service other than Interfolio have the following options:

  • Keep your inactive file at the Office of Career Counseling until you request that the OCC transfer your file to Interfolio. Inactive files will be destroyed after 5 years.
  • Close your Williams College Office of Career Counseling credential file and have the confidential contents shredded.
  • Transfer your file to a different institution. You may choose to have the Office of Career Counseling send your file to that institution’s credential file office. You will need to make your own arrangements to open a file at that institution.

Customer Service

If you have any questions about these options or the management of your credential file, please contact:
Interfolio Customer Service
By phone toll free: (877) 77-FOLIO (36546)
Phone: (202) 223-3358
Fax: (267) 295-8740

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