Early Assurance Programs

These schools accept a percentage of their class on an accelerated timeline, and they offer excellent students the possibility of acceptance as early as the sophomore year of college. Successful applicants trade the possibility of matriculation at all medical schools for the certainty of a seat in one particular school.

  • University of Rochester

The University of Rochester School of Medicine offers an Early Assurance Program (EAP) to a select group of highly qualified college sophomores.  The EAP is a competitive program offered to sophomore students at participating colleges who are clearly interested in and committed to careers in medicine and who wish to expand their undergraduate experience without the pressures associated with taking the MCAT exam or applying to multiple schools during their final year in college. The application website opens on April 1st. We welcome applications from all academically qualified sophomore undergraduates. Applications are due no later than July 31st. Read more about the program requirements here.

  • Albany Medical College

Albany Medical College offers an EAP to a select group of highly qualified college sophomores. Read more about the program requirements here.

How to Prepare

If you wish to apply to either the University of Albany EAP or University of Rochester EAP you must have already had a meeting or discussion with Sharon Gonzales, Director of Health Professions Advising, to discuss your plan. If you have yet to do so, you can schedule a meeting in Handshake. Once you’ve met with Sharon, you may complete this application for one or both programs.

You must meet all the qualifications listed by each program to be considered. Candidacy for Early Assurance Programs will be assessed by a committee of Williams faculty and staff in June. It is recommended that you have a cumulative gpa of 3.7, strong performance in science coursework, and have demonstrated a significant motivation for the medical profession as well as the program you wish to apply to. EAP programs are highly competitive and only students that are considered highly competitive will be recommended to move forward with their application. Students that are approved to apply will receive a committee letter recommendation from the Williams College Health Professions Review Committee.