Tyng Internship Program

Erin Youn ’24

Erin Youn showing the anatomy of bones.

Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, San Francisco, CA This summer, I interned at Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (AOSM), a private orthopedic practice in San Francisco. I had the opportunity to work under Dr. James Chen, who aims to serve patients with the best quality orthopedic care so patients may… Continue reading »

Samuel Liu ’23

Samuel Liu working.

WorldCare International, Boston, MA This summer I worked as a clinical operations intern at WorldCare International Inc., a company that provides expert second medical opinions to those who have been diagnosed with a critical illness, often one that is a complex and rare disease. For the past 26 years, WorldCare… Continue reading »

Keel Brissett ’25

KTDR Capital, Newport Beach, CA This summer I interned at KTDR Capital, an investment firm, based out of Newport Beach, Calif., that seeks majority investments in growing lower- to middle-market businesses. My role as an analyst was to search for potential investment opportunities. Each industry is unique, so some preliminary… Continue reading »

Sarah McGinn ’24

Sarah McGinn with a fellow intern.

Temple University, Temple Infant and Child Lab, Philadelphia, PA This summer, I worked as an intern at the Temple University Infant and Child Lab in Philadelphia. I worked as a data collector on the Play Streets/Playful Learning research project, which has been running for several years. The project was to… Continue reading »

Annika Brockman ’24

Annika Brockman in a virtual meeting.

WorldCare International, Boston, MA This summer I worked with WorldCare, a company that connects people with medical second opinions (MSOs) after a life-threatening, long term, complex diagnosis. If your employee offers WorldCare as a benefit, you have access to their clinical operations team as well as their consortium of experts. Continue reading »

Erinn McKenzie ’23

Erinn McKenzie at Access Theater.

Access Theater, New York, NY This summer I worked remotely and in-person with supervisors Laura Lee ’17 and Jackie Christy at Access Theater. When remote, I would do a lot of tasks catered toward Jackie’s passion project film, Magic Hour. I learned so much from this, especially about the intricacies… Continue reading »

Ellia Chiang ’25

Ellia Chiang in the lab.

Boston Children’s Hospital, Neurosurgery Department, Boston, MA This summer, I worked at Boston Children’s Hospital in the Benowitz Lab, which focuses on optic nerve regeneration. In the central nervous system, optic nerve regeneration and growth is extremely limited after traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, strokes and degenerative diseases. The… Continue reading »

Matt Ndirangu ’24

Matt Ndirangu working.

Borderless Initiative, Kenya This summer was full of excitement and learning opportunities at my internship with Borderless Initiative in Nairobi, Kenya. Working at a small program that aims to provide comprehensive assistance to young Africans pursuing higher education allowed me to face challenges that led me to build numerous skills. Continue reading »

Ally Eddy ’25

Ally Eddy touring a location.

Sladden Engineering, Beaumont, CA This summer I served as a finance intern for Sladden Engineering. Sladden is a geotechnical engineering firm that specializes in soils engineering and geotechnical testing mainly in the Los Angeles and Palm Springs areas. My focus was learning about the bidding process in corporate real estate… Continue reading »

Joel Nicholas ’23

Joel Nicholas in the studio.

Bryce Vine Music, Los Angeles, CA This summer was filled with so many exciting experiences. I had the pleasure of working as an intern for Bryce Vine, a pop artist in Los Angeles. Bryce has been on tour since the country reopened after the pandemic, but this summer was the… Continue reading »