Trish Massaro ’23

Mindyra, Darien, CT

This summer I had the privilege of working with Mindyra Health Corporation as a content marketing analyst. Mindyra is a digital behavioral health company that is focused on helping corporations, healthcare providers and schools measure health risks—including mental, physical and social—in order to identify better mental health intervention and treatment options that not only help combat mental health issues but also help prevent moderate mental health conditions from becoming more severe.

As a marketing intern I gained insight into the tech side and the psychology side of the company. One of my main responsibilities was to create content for the Mindyra blog. This included researching and writing about the mental health of college students and young employees entering the workforce. I was also able to approach these topics from a more creative angle by creating content for social media. It was interesting to be able to approach this job from multiple angles and think of new ways to look at the research I did while finding new ways of conveying the most important aspects to get people interested. This summer Mindyra was in the middle of revamping its online portal and launching its app, and I was excited to be able to work on and be involved in those processes. I was able to do my own reviews of the portal and app and see the process for beta testing the app with other college students. I also met with people at the company in order to learn more about how psychological research translates into real-world applications at Mindyra and in the business world in general.

One of my major projects was to research and develop a presentation to give to the company at the end of the summer. With another intern, I looked more closely at mental health among college students and mental health care at colleges and universities in the United States. Mindyra was in the process of expanding to college campuses, making this a particularly interesting topic to dive into. We did extensive research and learned what options for mental health care are available at different colleges. We were able to interview providers at schools and learn more specifics from them as well. We put together a presentation that looked at all of these topics and summarized where schools are doing well and where they need to do better to support their students more fully. We also looked at where Mindyra best implements to fill in these holes.

I really enjoyed my time working with Mindyra. I was able to build my writing and public speaking skills, and this internship allowed me the opportunity to get insight into the application of psychology research in a business setting as well as hear about the many different paths available with a psychology degree after graduation. In all, this was an amazing experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Mindyra this summer.