Sustainable Policy Internship Program

The Sustainable Policy Internship Program, offered through the ’68 Center for Career Exploration, provides financial support for student internships in the fields of sustainable finance or related public policy. Ideally these internships will relate to efforts to harness or channel the dynamic power of capitalism for the good of people or the environment.

Nathan Thimothe ’22

Williams Students Online, Williamstown, MA This summer I interned as a backend software engineer for Williams Students Online (WSO). I did this internship remotely because of Covid-19, so I mostly contacted my supervisor via Slack. I started my internship by learning the Go programming language and by designing and implementing… Continue reading »

Elliot Wolf ’23

Selfie of Elliot Wolf '23 on laptop

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY I have spent this summer working remotely as a research intern for a laboratory in the Cardiovascular Research Center at the Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine in New York. The lab is run by Dr. David Goukassian, and… Continue reading »

Anna Peterson ’22

Anna Peterson '22 on laptop

Clean Marine Energy LLC, South Norwalk, CT Research, marketing decks, energy models, and conference calls. These are a few of the various work streams I have had the opportunity to work on this summer with Clean Marine Energy (CME). Across these projects I have honed my research skills, expanded my… Continue reading »

Ksoosha Ramras ’21

Headshot of Ksoosha Ramras '21 by Meryl Moss Media Relations, Inc., Westport, CT I spent my summer as a media relations intern on the editorial board with Meryl Moss Media, a marketing company whose services also include publicity, social media, branding and platform building for authors, national and regional media coverage, influencer marketing… Continue reading »

Rosie Sokoll ’22

Rosie Sokoll '22 on laptop with thumbs up

University of Pennsylvania, Penn Memory Center, Philadelphia, PA Over this summer, I interned (remotely) with the team at University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Memory Center. I worked on multiple projects with them, including one looking at racial disparities in the Covid-19 outbreaks across the United States. Our aim was to write… Continue reading »

Sakib Aleem ’21

Sakib Aleem '21 reading textbook

Williams College, Department of Economics, Williamstown, MA This summer I worked as a Research Assistant for Professor Q. Ashraf in the Economics Department at Williams. I was primarily tasked with research devoted to updating and revising various components of the fourth edition of the undergraduate textbook, Economic Growth, that is… Continue reading »

Sanjeev Ashok Kumar ’23

Sanjeev Ashok Kumar '23 with laptop

Old i, LLC – an Oregon LLC, Portland, OR This summer, I worked as a data analytics intern for Old i, a real estate advisory based in Portland, Oregon. My supervisor, Williams alumnus Noel Johnson ’01, is a real estate developer in Portland and wanted to increase transparency of housing… Continue reading »

Anuvind Iyer ’23

Anuvind Iyer '23 on laptop

ORS Group Corporation, New Bruswick, NJ Over the past three months, I have had the incredible opportunity to work remotely as a data analyst intern at a cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology firm. The Operations Research Systems Group (ORS) is an Italian technology company, based in Roddi, Cuneo, which utilizes proprietary… Continue reading »

Solly Kasab ’21

Solly Kasab '21 on laptop

Algora P.B.C., Hudson, MA This past summer, I worked as a software development 
intern for Algora P.B.C., a technology start-up and 
public benefit corporation. Algora is a new organization, and I was part of its second class of summer interns, working closely with the organization’s founders in preparation for a… Continue reading »

Carson Kurtz ’22

Carson Kurtz '22 with laptop at a desk

Plexus Knowledge LLC, New York, NY This summer, like most of my classmates, my original internship plans fell through; however, I was fortunate to be able to work remotely with other Williams students on a note-taking web application called Plexus. Plexus was conceived in high school by Davey Morse ’22.5,… Continue reading »