Shah 1992 Ventureship Program

The Shah 1992 Ventureship Program provides financial support for up to six internships for the summer of 2019 for students to explore a new company or entrepreneurial ventures, or to invent something without the worry of personal expense.

John Overholt ’20

John Overholt – Photo1

PRIOR LLC, New York, NY Having already worked for PRIOR in August of last year, I was eager to get back in the office for a few months this summer. PRIOR is a bespoke, membership-based travel start-up, focused on creating unique and authentic experiences for our incredibly discerning members. Continue reading »

Spring Pham ’21

Original Eve Designs, New York, NY The past ten weeks at Original Eve Designs has been one of my most pleasurable and rewarding summer experiences. I witnessed the daily ups and downs of what it means to start a company from nothing, in a very niche and traditional industry such… Continue reading »

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