Shah 1992 Ventureship Program

The Shah 1992 Ventureship Program provides financial support for up to six internships for the summer of 2019 for students to explore a new company or entrepreneurial ventures, or to invent something without the worry of personal expense.

Kent Barbir ’24

Mindyra, Darien, CT I spent this summer working with Mindyra, a healthcare technology company focused on helping providers connect patients with adequate and effective behavioral healthcare. Mindyra employs a variety of public domain and proprietary assessments as well as data analytics to support healthcare practitioners in providing their patients with… Continue reading »

Owen Hiland ’22

Hello Raye, Boston, MA This summer I worked remotely at a tech startup in Boston that deals in the furniture space. Hello Raye can best be described as a unified platform for designers, dealers, and manufacturers to make 3D models available, view inventory from across manufacturers, and facilitate collaboration between… Continue reading »

True Pham ’23

Lever, Inc., North Adams, MA This summer I had the opportunity to intern at Lever, Inc.—a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Berkshire County. I worked under the guidance of Brent Filson, Head of Innovation; the direct supervision of Lev Simon, Intern Manager; and with my fellow… Continue reading »

Hassaan Rashid ’23

Global Cultural Asset Management, North Adams, MA This summer I worked as a Research Analyst for Global Cultural Asset Management, an international firm at the intersection of art, architecture, politics and economics. GCAM provides advice, expertise, and service for governments, institutions, corporations, foundations and individuals in six interceding service business… Continue reading »

Theodore Tellides ’23

Tempus Work Environment and Risk Solutions, Concord, NH Over the last two months I worked at Tempus Risk under Gary Lavoie and John May ’84. Tempus provides advocacy-
based services for injured workers navigating the Workers’ Comp process. I supplied technical skills in order to aid the data analysis process. My… Continue reading »

Albert Xing ’23

Omneky, San Francisco, CA This summer I worked at a technology startup called Omneky. Omneky uses algorithms and deep learning to generate, manage, and optimize the Facebook advertising of their clients. I was part of the sales team and my role was to find potential clients, and to communicate with… Continue reading »

Kenneth An ’20

Kenneth An ASIP Photo 1 – Kenneth An

Faster Than Light, New York, NY I had the great opportunity to intern for a tech company called Faster Than Light, a cybersecurity start-up that is currently creating an online static analysis tool. Static analysis is a method of debugging code without actually running it. Therefore, static analysis tools… Continue reading »

Nicholas Gannon ’20

Practicing my sales pitch for Queves.

Walrus Snack Brands, Inc., Chicago, IL Practicing my sales pitch for Queves. The experience I gained over the last several months will undoubtedly be invaluable to me going forward. I have always had a passion for entrepreneurship, but have lacked the access to enter the space. Because of ASIP,… Continue reading »

John Overholt ’20

John Overholt – Photo1

PRIOR LLC, New York, NY Having already worked for PRIOR in August of last year, I was eager to get back in the office for a few months this summer. PRIOR is a bespoke, membership-based travel start-up, focused on creating unique and authentic experiences for our incredibly discerning members. Continue reading »

Spring Pham ’21

Original Eve Designs, New York, NY The past ten weeks at Original Eve Designs has been one of my most pleasurable and rewarding summer experiences. I witnessed the daily ups and downs of what it means to start a company from nothing, in a very niche and traditional industry such… Continue reading »

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