Petersen Internship

Timothy B. Petersen ’86 and Sarah Hart Petersen ’86 created the Petersen Internship to provide financial assistance to students in good standing participating in summer internships with a focus on the entrepreneurial business enterprise.

Chisang Moon ’25

Chisang Moon working.

Kountable, San Francisco, CA Over the summer, I interned as an active impact analyst at Kountable, a global-trade finance originator fintech firm based in San Francisco. Kountable operates across the world (primarily in Africa), and although the internship was remote, I was still able to work with various project teams… Continue reading »

Claudia Zhang ’24

Acuimmune, Los Angeles, CA For eight weeks, I worked for the immunology research startup Acuimmune in Los Angeles. This startup specializes in bioinformatics and proteomics and work regarding vaccine development. I was drawn to Acuimmune’s work for several reasons: bioinformatics incorporates machine learning and computer science—a field which I have… Continue reading »

Tafara Makaza ’22

GoDigital Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe This summer I had the opportunity to work on Sciency—a science revision mobile application for high school students in Zimbabwe. My role as project manager was to work with a team of three developers from GoDigital to build and test the mobile. Sciency is a gamified revision… Continue reading »

Emery Zahner ’22

Emery Zahner '22 fishing

Legit Fish Company, Boston, MA My time at Legit Fish (LF), working as an intern within the Business Development arm, has been an incredibly informative and transformative experience. What first brought me to the organization was the important 
purpose it serves: to make a more efficient, safe, and honest seafood… Continue reading »

Jacob Lange ’21

Intellectual Property Research and Development LLC, Half Moon Bay, CA My work this past summer on the research into the viability of automated growth cells and agricultural hydroponics has been incredibly interesting. I’ve learned a varied and useful set of skills over the 12 weeks I’ve spent in Half Moon… Continue reading »

Kilian Justus ’19

Kilian osing on the Project A Rooftop.

Project A, Germany In the summer of 2018, I interned in the investment team of Project A, a venture capital firm (VC) in Berlin. Project A, founded in 2012, invests in European start-ups across industries. Most Project A investments are in late-seed or early series A rounds. We were investing… Continue reading »