Patrick Gaul ’24

Office of U.S. Congressman Jamie Raskin, Washington, D.C.

This summer I worked for U.S. Congressman Jamie Raskin in his Capitol Hill office. Raskin represents Maryland’s 8th Congressional District, of which I am a resident. In fact, I had the unique privilege of voting for my supervisor in this past primary election.

Patrick Gaul and the team.This internship was an incredible experience and opportunity. I had a number of responsibilities. I attended hearings and briefings, researched legislation, responded to constituent calls and letters, gave tours of the Capitol and helped with just about anything that needed to be done in the office. I am very grateful that my supervisors gave me the leeway to explore policy areas that interested me the most. As a result, I spent time researching proposed legislation that would further regulate social media companies. I also spent time researching China, the PLA’s military capabilities and the likelihood of an invasion of Taiwan. Another fantastic element of interning on the Hill was the Intern Lecture Series. Every day, different members of Congress would give lectures to any interns interested. I was fortunate enough to attend such lectures from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Mitt Romney and other members, including Williams alumnus Senator Chris Murphy ’96. Other than these speeches, the two most impactful moments of my time on the Hill were the opportunity to attend a January 6 Committee hearing and to witness the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act in the House. I was right outside the chamber when the legislation passed and heard the members cheering when the count reached 218 votes in favor of the bill.

This internship reaffirmed my decision to major in political science and concentrate in justice and law studies. Before this summer, I did not know whether my interest in the classroom would translate to the real thing. If anything, I have found it even more exciting to shed the confines of a classroom and apply what I have learned to the actual practice of government. Going forward, I plan to take political science, justice and law, philosophy and other classes that will give me the skills to better work through all the pressing issues I faced this summer. I also plan to pursue job opportunities related to what I have done this summer. I hope to work for a congressional committee, a federal agency, a think tank, or perhaps another congressperson next summer.

Thank you so much to the Estate of George Mead for sponsoring me and to the ’68 Center. The ASIP program helps hundreds of students pursue meaningful internships that will surely turn into meaningful careers, and none of it is possible without all your hard work and generosity. This program is a shining example of what makes Williams such a special institution, and I look forward to providing similar opportunities to future generations of Williams students once I graduate.