Zach Sturdevant ’25

WorldCare International, Boston, MA

This summer, I had the pleasure of interning with WorldCare International as a product development intern. WorldCare is a healthcare technology company that connects patients who have received a complex medical diagnosis with a team of world-renowned medical professionals specializing in their disease for a comprehensive multidisciplinary medical second opinion. My role this summer was primarily to help develop and lay the groundwork for launching a new product to connect traditionally underinsured employee demographics with the expertise provided by WorldCare and give treatment to those individuals free of cost through an insurance product offered by a partner organization.

My primary project was to determine the path a patient might follow while utilizing the soon-to-be-offered product. This involved first determining what the goals of the product were and then finding synergies between our partner companies that would allow us to reach those goals. Once we identified what each company was capable of, we mapped out the ideal path of a patient. If portions of the product could not be fulfilled by current staff, we researched companies as well as consulting firms who could help us set up offices in-house to fulfill those needs. We then sought to determine how many people would ultimately be needed to fill those roles in WorldCare. To do this, we modeled how many patients we would expect to see that required treatment for the conditions each year based on data from our insurance partner and how much time we expected each case to take. Once this was completed, we modeled our costs to help determine the price we would need to charge for the product to be profitable, thus laying the groundwork for WorldCare to bring the product to life.

My internship with WorldCare this summer has dramatically impacted my personal and professional growth. The team at WorldCare has been instrumental in growing my confidence in my abilities by allowing me to take charge and run with my ideas. Additionally, I had the opportunity to work with several different corporate groups, such as the legal team, who helped me understand the necessity of counsel and how it protects companies and allows them to work together. Working with these different units has dramatically improved my understanding of business operations overall. I not only learned about business activities, but I also learned not to underestimate my abilities and to take on challenges even if they seem outside my skill set.

I want to thank the ’68 Center for Career Exploration and Bill McCalpin ’79 for supporting my summer of learning. I also want to thank Ed Wiggers ’90, President of WorldCare, for teaching me so much over 10 weeks, and the rest of the team, who started as mentors but became friends throughout my time at WorldCare. I am truly blessed to be a part of the Williams and WorldCare families and look forward to what the future holds.