McCalpin Internship Program

The McCalpin Internship Program was founded in 2014 by William McCalpin ’79 to provide support for student internships in the area of social entrepreneurship.

Nick Lilley ’25

Nick Lilley and supervisor.

New Columbia Solar, Washington, D.C. This summer I had the privilege of interning at New Columbia Solar (NCS) in Washington, D.C. NCS is a solar developer that finances, designs, installs and maintains solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems. I came across this internship because of my passion for renewable energy and… Continue reading »

Lillie Lippman ’24

Lillie Lippman at work.

Kountable, San Francisco, CA This summer, I worked as a marketing and business development intern at Kountable, a San Francisco-based tech startup founded by Chris Hale ’00. Kountable is a B2B marketplace that enables businesses to trade with one another when it would otherwise be challenging or even unfeasible. Kountable’s… Continue reading »

Dhruv Muppidi ’25

Dhruv Muppidi in a virtual meeting.

EA Consultants, New York, NY I worked with EA Consultants (EAC) this summer, a boutique consulting firm that has a focus on financial inclusion. EAC’s main client this summer was Enabling Qapital AG (EQ), a Swiss impact investment firm that primarily invests in microfinance institutions. EQ came to EAC with… Continue reading »

Anj Raman ’24

Anj Raman at work.

Whooo’s Reading, San Diego, CA I worked for Whooo’s Reading this summer. The company provides a product to school districts, teachers and students and a platform for teachers to assess if students are doing their reading (hence the name Whooo’s Reading). It does this by grading student quizzes, as well… Continue reading »

Zach Sturdevant ’25

Zach Sturdevant working.

WorldCare International, Boston, MA This summer, I had the pleasure of interning with WorldCare International as a product development intern. WorldCare is a healthcare technology company that connects patients who have received a complex medical diagnosis with a team of world-renowned medical professionals specializing in their disease for a comprehensive… Continue reading »

Gracie Guidotti ’23

RightGift, Austin, TX During my time working at RightGift, I worked on a number of projects including generating a sustainability analysis of the company, creating and maintaining relationships with suppliers, and developing a social media marketing plan. Although I was formally a supply chain management intern, I was able to… Continue reading »

Sarah Lindeman ’24

Kountable, San Francisco, CA Kountable specializes in connecting small businesses around the world with the resources they need to grow. By creating a platform for communication, Kountable seeks to form a one-stop shop for companies looking for suppliers, distributors, or whatever else they may need. The workspace is sort of… Continue reading »

Paige Galle ’23

Mindyra, Darien, CT Getting ready for tech support hours. This summer, I worked as an intern at a startup health tech company called Mindyra. I applied for the role despite the description being somewhat outside my comfort zone, because I was inspired by the goals of the company and wanted… Continue reading »

Arjun Chidrawar ’24

Whooo’s Reading, San Diego, CA Over the summer, I worked as a Data Science Intern for Whooo’s Reading. Established in 2013, this company is part of the education tech sector with a focus in K-12 education with a goal to provide schools an alternative to traditional multiple-choice questions and offer… Continue reading »

Isabel Frey Ribeiro ’23

ARTICLE22, Brooklyn, NY ARTICLE22 is a sustainable jewelry company founded by Elizabeth Suda ’05. The company makes its upcycled jewelry from some of the millions of unexploded bombs dropped in Laos during the Secret War. Each piece of jewelry purchased provides funds to Mines Advisory Group to further clear dangerous… Continue reading »